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WarioWare MM screen Kat.png
  • Name: Kat
  • Genre: Nature
  • Microgames per boss: 15
  • Score Screen: Traditional Japanese screen
  • Lives: Sword

Hare Scare[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Hare Scare.png
  • Medal: 10 points
  • Rabbits are fleeing this Game Boy Advance! Keep them inside!
  • Control(s): Neutral dpad A button Pound
  • The rabbits will pop up in holes where the d-pad and A button should be. Press the corresponding buttons on the Game Boy Advance wherever the rabbits pop up on-screen.
  • Level 1: Pound one rabbit.
  • Level 2: Pound two rabbits.
  • Level 3: Pound three rabbits.

Munch a Bunch[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Munch a Bunch.png
  • Medal: 20 points
  • You're a hungry monster! Eat as much as you can, as fast as you can!
  • Control(s): A button Chomp
  • Keep pressing the button rapidly until no shapes are left.
  • Level 1: Chomp six times.
  • Level 2: Chomp nine times.
  • Level 3: Chomp twelve times.


WarioWare MM microgame Lickety Split.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Help the loving lizard catch the hearts as they pass by!
  • Control(s): A button Lick
  • Hearts rotate in a circle. Use the lizard's long tongue to snatch them up as they pass.
  • Level 1: Catch one heart.
  • Level 2: Catch two hearts.
  • Level 3: Catch three hearts.

Flower Shower[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Flower Shower.png
  • Medal: 20 points
  • Grow beautiful flowers by watering them! They need your help!
  • Control(s): Neutral dpad Move
  • Move the watering can to the pots so the flowers can bloom. They bloom quickly as soon as the water hits them, so don't worry too much about catching them in time.
  • Level 1: Water one flower.
  • Level 2: Water one flower. The pot moves.
  • Level 3: Water two flowers. One of the pots moves.

Go Fer the Tater[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Go Fer the Tater.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Help the gopher get to the potato, but avoid the rocks!
  • Control(s): Neutral dpad Burrow
  • The rocks form a maze underground. The gopher's goal is the red potato. Make a path through the dirt around the rocks to touch the red potato.
  • Level 1: A few rocks block the gopher's path.
  • Level 2: Many rocks block the gopher's path.
  • Level 3: Even more rocks block the gopher's path.

Picture Perfect[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Picture Perfect.png
  • Medal: 10 points
  • Snap a photo of the passing object. Remember to center the subject!
  • Control(s): A button Shoot
  • Take a picture just as the object passes into the center of the crosshairs. Even if a bit of it is cut off, you won't clear the game.
  • Level 1: The target is a flying squirrel.
  • Level 2: The target is a bird.
  • Level 3: The target is a plane.

Leafy Greens[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Leafy Greens.png
  • Medal: 20 points
  • Goma the snail needs to eat leafy greens to grow big! Help it grow!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move, A button Jump
  • The bridge crumbles as the snail crosses it. On Level 1, you only need to jump for the leaf. In Levels 2 and 3, use the bridge to jump across the gap and make it to the leaf.
  • Level 1: Follow the straight path.
  • Level 2: Jump across the gap.
  • Level 3: Jump across both gaps.

Crane Game[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Crane Game.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Pluck the fish from the water so the nice bird can eat!
  • Control(s): A button Catch
  • The fish swims from side to side. Press the button when the fish comes into reach. You only get one try, so miss the first time and the game won't be cleared.
  • Level 1: The fish swims side to side.
  • Level 2: The fish swims side to side while bobbing up and down.
  • Level 3: The fish swims side to side and top to bottom.

Veggie Might[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Veggie Might.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Pick the veggies when the sprouts appear! Who knows what will show up?
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move, A button Pick
  • Walk directly over the sprouts and pick them. If multiple sprouts must be picked, the second will only show up after the first is picked, and the third only after the second.
  • Level 1: Pick one vegetable.
  • Level 2: Pick two vegetables.
  • Level 3: Pick three vegetables.

Mouse Trap[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Mouse Trap.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Drop the trap from above and catch the mouse!
  • Control(s): A button Drop trap
  • Drop the trap right when the mouse passes under it.
  • Level 1: The trap is large.
  • Level 2: The trap is smaller.
  • Level 3: The trap is very small.

Coconut Catapult[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Coconut Catapult.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Help the animal grab a coconut! Drop the rocks into the bowl and catapult into the tree!
  • Control(s): A button Drop
  • When the bird flies directly overe the bowl of the catapult, drop the rock so the animal can fly into the tree and grab the coconut.
  • Level 1: The bird flies side to side.
  • Level 2: The bird flies up and down in a zigzag.
  • Level 3: The bird flies up and down while moving side to side slowly.

Bug Bite[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Bug Bite.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Avoid the repellent and feed that hungry mosquito!
  • Control(s): A button Drop
  • The mosquito's goal is the baby. Clouds of repellent fly from side to side of the screen; dive when you see a space in between these clouds for a clean path to the bite.
  • Level 1: There are two clouds of repellent.
  • Level 2: There are four clouds of repellent.
  • Level 3: There are six clouds of repellent.

Disc O' Dog[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Disc O Dog.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Make the dog jump to catch the flying frisbee! Awww, he wants to play!
  • Control(s): A button Jump
  • The frisbee flys slowly and dog jumps quickly. Be patient and don't jump until the frisbee comes close enough, but not too close; there is a small window here between too late and too soon. Make sure the frisbee hits the edge of the dog's mouth so he can get a good bite of it.
  • Level 1: The frisbee comes toward the dog in a straight glide.
  • Level 2: The frisbee curves downward.
  • Level 3: The frisbee is thrown upward.

Fruit Fall[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Fruit Fall.png
  • Medal: 20 points
  • Catch the falling fruit in your basket. Be careful, 'cause it's not always fruit!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move
  • You will have a choice between three columns. Move under a fruit as it comes down to catch it.
  • Level 1: Choose between a gem and two of the same fruits.
  • Level 2: Choose between a gem and two different fruits. It is also sped up.
  • Level 3: Choose between two gems and a fruit.

Penguin Shuffle[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Penguin Shuffle.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • The baby penguin wants to march in time with everyone else! Help him out!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad March
  • Follow the march and don't bump into any of the bigger penguins to clear the game. Don't move too quickly; stay between the small space the other penguins make for you.
  • Level 1: The penguins march slowly.
  • Level 2: The penguins make a big stop.
  • Level 3: The penguins stop and turn around.

Two Birds, Big Rocks[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Two Birds Big Rocks.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • The baby chick is waiting! Knock the wood from the stones to clear the way!
  • Control(s): A button Strike
  • The bird moves up and down. Strike when it hovers directly in front of the wood so it can strike through it to the other bird. Avoid the rocks as this will only cause the bird to crash and get stuck.
  • Level 1: There are two rocks.
  • Level 2: There are three rocks.
  • Level 3: There are four rocks.

Hoppin' Mad[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Hoppin Mad.png
  • Medal: 10 points
  • Pay attention and try to catch the ball! If you hit stones or walls, you'll bounce off!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move left/right, A button Move forward
  • Rotate in any direction using the right and left buttons, and press A to swim in that direction. Try not to bump into stones or walls, as you will then get a big bounce off of them, making it almost impossible to recover.
  • Level 1: There are no stones.
  • Level 2: There is one stone.
  • Level 3: There are two stones.

Worm Squirm[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Worm Squirm.png
  • Medal: 20 points
  • Help get the worm into the water! Wiggle to see yourself, then squirm for it!
  • Control(s): Neutral dpad Move
  • First, figure out which worm is yours. You can then tell which direction to take it in. Move it quickly toward the puddle in the footprint to clear the game.
  • Level 1: There are a few worms.
  • Level 2: There are many worms.
  • Level 3: There is a very large number of worms, with many on top of each other.

Kitty Cover[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Kitty Cover.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • The kitty doesn't want to get wet! Keep the umbrella over the poor, lost, little thing!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move umbrella
  • As the kitten moves, follow it with the umbrella. Don't let it get wet or the game will be over.
  • Level 1: The umbrella is large.
  • Level 2: The umbrella is small.
  • Level 3: The umbrella is at a diagonal.

The Claw[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame The Claw.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Lower the crane and pick up the stuffed animal! Aren't they cute?
  • Control(s): A button Pick up
  • A simple crane game. As the crane goes by, it will pass over a stuffed animal. Press the button at the right time to pick up the animal. Time the crane drops better as the levels get more difficult, as you will have less room for error.
  • Level 1: Pick up a bunny.
  • Level 2: Pick up a sideways bear.
  • Level 3: Pick up an elephant.

Spunky Monkey[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Spunky Monkey.png
  • Medal: 15 points
  • Use the trees to jump higher. Grab bananas, little monkey!
  • Control(s): A button Jump
  • Keep pressing the button for the monkey to jump up and grab the bananas. The jumps will have to be a bit wider as the levels progress.
  • Level 1: The walls are close together.
  • Level 2: The walls are farther together.
  • Level 3: The walls are far apart.

Crack Down[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Crack Down.png
  • Medal: 10 points
  • Your egg is fragile! Jump over the trembling ground to keep your egg from breaking!
  • Control(s): A button Jump
  • Jump as the person in the background brings down their hammer, making the ground tremble.
  • Level 1: The tremor is short.
  • Level 2: The tremors last longer.
  • Level 3: The person in the background feigns as if they are bringing down the hammer the first time, only to bring it down the second time.


WarioWare MM microgame Raaaarrrrggghh.png
  • Medal: 10 points
  • The monster's had it with humans! Help him scare everyone off of the screen!
  • Control(s): Neutral dpad Move
  • Coming into proximity with the people will make them run away. Move toward them to make them all run off of the screen in time.
  • Level 1: The people are all in one corner.
  • Level 2: The people are more spread out on one side.
  • Level 3: The people are spread out across the screen.

Blow Hole Bridge[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Blow Hole Bridge.png
  • Medal: 10 points
  • You need to find land! Cross the whales while avoiding their spouts!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move
  • When the whales flash red, water will spurt up out of their blowholes. Wait until this is over with or cross them quickly, before they get the chance to spout out water, to make it to land.
  • Level 1: One whale will shoot water out of its spout.
  • Level 2: Two whales will shoot water out of their spouts.
  • Level 3: Three whales will shoot water out of their spouts.

Boss: The Frog Flap[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame The Frog Flap.png
  • Medal: 5 points
  • Help my friend get back to its hot tub! Jump on clouds, but watch it: after you jump on a cloud, it disappears!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move
  • Bounce off of the clouds and other platforms scattered throughout the sky. Aim carefully: falling will lose you the game.
  • Level 1: There are many large clouds and no other platforms.
  • Level 2: There are many smaller clouds, along with blue and red platforms which speed you up.
  • Level 3: Many of the clouds are even smaller.