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While working out at home, Wario challenges you to beat his games. Using his trampoline, he crashes into his boom box. The result? A series of microgames so he can escape!


WarioWare MM screen Wario.png
  • Name: Wario
  • Genre: Introduction
  • Microgames per boss: 10
  • Score Screen: Boom box
  • Lives: The Gauges

Crazy Cars[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Crazy Cars.png
  • Hint: Dodge!
  • Points to clear: 20 points
  • Description: Don't get smashed by the crazy cars!
  • Control(s): A button Jump
  • Strategy: One car will pass by. Jump over it.
  • Level 1: The car will pass by without maneuvers.
  • Level 2: The car will sometimes stop in the middle and then start moving again.
  • Level 3: The car will sometimes jump, hitting Wario if he's jumping too, so be careful.
  • Tip: Sometimes on level 3, you will see the Dodge? hint. If this happens, then you have nothing to worry about. The car will either stop and turn back, or the car will approach him albeit too small to hurt him.

Wario Whirled[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Wario Whirled.png
  • Hint: Stop me!
  • Points to clear: 15 points
  • Description: Stop my spinning face in the right place, will ya?
  • Control(s): A button Stop
  • Strategy: Wario is spinning on a turntable. Use the needle once his spinning platform is on it to stop him. Stopping to early or too late will miss Wario, causing him to fall off.
  • Level 1: Wario's platform is large.
  • Level 2: Wario's platform is smaller.
  • Level 3: The platform is even smaller.
  • Tip: If you're having trouble stopping him in the right place, try pressing A button just before the platform is at the right angle.

Saving Face[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Saving Face.png
  • Hint: Catch!
  • Points to clear: 15 points
  • Description: Don't let the stick slip through your mitts, butterfingers!
  • Control(s): A button Catch
  • Strategy: Catch the stick as it drops from above. Press A button as the stick passes Wario's hand.
  • Level 1: The stick is long.
  • Level 2: The stick is shorter.
  • Level 3: The stick is even shorter.

Diamond Dig[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Diamond Dig.png
  • Hint: Aim!
  • Points to clear: 20 points
  • Description: Here's a news flash: I'm greedy! Guide me to the diamonds! Now!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Aim
  • Strategy: As Wario falls, guide him into a pit where the diamond is.
  • Level 1: No obsticles.
  • Level 2: A rock will be in your way.
  • Level 3: The rock is larger in level 3.
  • Tip: Don't worry if you hit the hit the ground, you'll slide for a bit before stopping.

Dodge Balls[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Dodge Balls.png
  • Hint: Flee!
  • Points to clear: 15 points
  • Description: You'd better not let your tiny car get crushed by the huge boulders!
  • Control(s): Neutral dpad (all directions) Move
  • Strategy: Guide your car to avoid rolling boulders. They bounce off of the walls and themselves, so watch out.
  • Level 1: Avoid two boulders.
  • Level 2: Avoid three boulders.
  • Level 3: Avoid have four boulders.
  • Tip: The best place to hide is at the corners. You'll be safe 90% of the time.


WarioWare MM microgame Repellion.png
  • Hint: Attack!
  • Points to clear: 15 points
  • Strategy: Destroy the UFOs! You've only got one shot per UFO, so don't miss!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move, A button Shoot
  • Level 1: Shoot 1 UFO.
  • Level 2: Shoot 2 UFOs.
  • Level 3: Shoot 3 UFOs.
  • Tip: The UFOs Move at different speeds, so track and match their speed to ensure their speed.

Wario Wear[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Wario Wear.png
  • Hint: Dress!
  • Points to Clear: 15 points
  • Strategy: It's chilly! Hurry up and get some clothes on me, will ya?
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move Wario
  • Strategy: Grab Wario's clothes as they fall.
  • Level 1: Collect Wario's falling shirt.
  • Level 2: Collect two more clothing. They both fall like paper, more slowly than the shirt, plus they move back and forth so aim precisely.
  • Level 3: You'll see one clothing fall like a paper, then a moment later, you'll see another dropping like a rock, grab that first, since reaches Wario's position first.

Hectic Highway[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Hectic Highway.png
  • Hint: Dodge!
  • Points to clear: 15 points
  • Description: Don't smash into any other vehicles, you road hog!
  • Control(s): Left dpad Right dpad Steer
  • Strategy: You're driving in traffic in a wrong way. Avoid the vehicles.
  • Level 1: You'll drive a small motorcycle.
  • Level 2: You'll drive a slightly larger car.
  • Level 3: You'll drive a large monster truck, where sometimes another truck will drive by.

The Maze That Pays[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Maze That Pays.png
  • Hint: Collect!
  • Points to clear: 20 points
  • Description: Don't miss any of the coins in the maze. Get them all, or I'll never forgive you!
  • Control(s): Neutral dpad (all directions) Move
  • Strategy: Collect all rows of coins in the maze before time runs out. You can warp from one side to another, so you'll reach far coins faster.
  • Level 1: Collect one row.
  • Level 2: Collect two rows.
  • Level 3: Collect three rows.

Super Wario Bros.[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Wario Bros.png
  • Hint: Stomp!
  • Points to clear: 20 points
  • Description: Flatten the Goombas! They're so ANNOYING! GAH!
  • Controls(s): Left dpad Right dpad Move
  • Strategy: Stomp all of the Goombas. Wario will jump four times automatically as you guide him.
  • Level 1: Stomp one Goomba.
  • Level 2: Stomp two Goombas.
  • Level 3: Stomp three Goombas.

I Spy[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame I Spy.png
  • Hint: Spotlight!
  • Points to clear: 20 points
  • Description: Guess what: I'm sneaky! Don't let me outta your sights!
  • Control(s): Neutral dpad (all directions) Move the right
  • Strategy: Put the light on Wario as he maneuvers as time runs out.
  • Level 1: The light is large.
  • Level 2: The light is smaller.
  • Level 3: The light is very small.

Mug Shot[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Mug Shot.png
  • Hint: Grab!
  • Points to clear: 20 points
  • Description: Don't let my mug slide off the counter, ham hands!
  • Control(s): A button Grab
  • Strategy: Catch the mug before it passes Wario who is on the right side of the screen.
  • Level 1: It always slides from the left.
  • Level 2: Sometimes, it slides from the right giving you slightly less time to react.
  • Level 3: Sometimes, One mug comes from the left but stops as your real mug comes from the right.

Boss: Sparring Wario[edit]

WarioWare MM microgame Sparring Wario.png
  • Hint: Spar!
  • Points to clear: 5 points
  • Description: Knock the punching bag off its chain. C'mon ya wimp!
  • Controls: A button Punch
  • Strategy: As you punch the bag, it starts to swing back and forth. Each punch adds momentum to the swing, so it'll take longer to make each punch. The bag flashes red within punching range (though too close, so punch a little early). After a few hits, the bag will actually go all the way around and will threaten to hit Wario from behind. Take this as the advantage for a final blow at the 8 o' clock. If you wait too long before hitting it for the first time, the bag will fall and you'll automatically lose.
  • Level 1: Takes 4 hits to swing all around.
  • Level 2: Takes 6 hits.
  • Level 3: Takes 8 hits.