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Among the various souvenirs you receive in WarioWare: Twisted are a collection of mini-game cartridges. Every time you complete a boss stage in Story mode, you will receive one souvenir from the dispenser.

Normal Souvenirs[edit]

These games can be obtained through normal means out of the Souvenir dispenser.

Spitz Hockey[edit]

Play a game of air hockey against Spitz. He's a relatively easy opponent, but on occasion he will transform into Dribble, which makes it harder to get the puck past him.

Ana Hockey[edit]

Same as Spitz Hockey, except you're playing against Ana.

Unfair Hockey[edit]

Play against Wario. Except this time, the sides of the board are electrified, so if you touch them, you're stunned for a few seconds (which is usually enough time for Wario to score).

Eternal Wario Hockey[edit]

The last Hockey game. It is impossible to score a goal in this match, therefore the objective is to rally the puck as many times as possible without allowing it to hit your goal. Watch out for when Wario smashes the puck towards you.

Wario Bike[edit]

This one plays like 9-Volt's ExciteBike microgame, with some elements of the original Super Mario Bros (like goombas to bump into and powerups that make Wario bigger). Race through one track and get the best score possible. Time does not matter - just pick up all the money bags, defeat as many enemies as possible, and don't crash. Keep in mind that you can adjust Wario's flight path in mid-air by leaning forward and backward.

Apple Assault[edit]

The apples have come to destroy your base, and it's your task to launch hundreds of mini-Warios at them before they reach you. The Wario Cannon fires automatically - you just need to aim it (and remotely detonate any explosives that the Warios manage to tag).

Cyclone Scuffle[edit]

Kick those ninjas into oblivion! Don't let them reach the super-buff Wario in the middle of the screen. The faster you spin the Game Boy, the better coverage your kick will get - so spin for all you're worth if you get surrounded.

Astro Boomerang![edit]

Fend off the space invaders by flinging your boomerang at them. Make sure you catch it though, or the game is over.

  • Hitting more flying objects in a single throw awards you combo points, and a higher score.
  • Hit the various powerup items to destroy all items on the screen, or create a shield on the right side of the screen that will recover your boomerang once before disappearing.

Stabs in the Dark[edit]

Defend yourself from the oncoming samurai warriors by deflecting their blades with your katana. You don't have to swipe at them - just hold the sword in the direction the attacker is coming from. If one of them manages to disarm you, the game is over.


Tilt the GBA to create gravity for the snowboarder, and press A at the top of the lip to get more points. Don't wait too long to press the button, though, or else you will not get any points. You get four chances, and the total score from all four is added together at the end of your run.

VS Pushover[edit]

This one's hard to explain. Each person grabs one side of the GBA. To defeat your opponent, you have to shove them by tilting your side of the GBA up. If you make contact with your opponent's hand, then you push them over and gain a point. If you miss, you fall forward and your opponent gains a point. Pressing your button (Blue player presses L, Red player presses R) will move your hand. First to three points wins.

Divider Conquer[edit]

Fling your little man through as many dividers as you can before he touches the ground. Tilt the GBA to swing him back and forth on his bar, and press A to release. Depending on your power and angle, he'll fly farther, but don't launch him too hard or he'll hit the ceiling.

Mega Micro Golf[edit]

A golf game played from side view. Spinning the GBA back and forth will swing at the ball. Hit it into the hole in as few strokes as possible.

Pillow Fight[edit]

Your sparring partners are throwing pillows and sumo wrestlers at you. Move your hands to deflect them.

Staying Asheep[edit]

Press the A button to make the sheep jump over the fence. Be wary of the sheep that stop, walk backwards, or are partially invisible. Also be aware that smaller sheep can't jump as high, so you have to time the jump closer.

Ski Jumping[edit]

Tilt the GBA to create gravity. When you reach the ski jump, hold the A button and release it when the angle is where you want it. You are scored for jump distance.

Sew Hard[edit]

A difficult variant of Mona's Sew Easy microgame. Spin the GBA to guide the sewing needle along the pattern. Be careful not to go off the path, or your needle will explode.

  • If you're fast enough at the start, you can spin the pattern 180 degrees and play the game backwards.

Batting Practice[edit]

A miniature Home Run Derby game. Press A to pitch the ball, and spin the GBA to swing at the ball. You are scored by the distance that each ball travels. You don't get any points for foul balls, regardless of distance.


Spin the GBA to roll the cat around. When the cat is lying on its back, press A to fire its paw cannon at the bugs that are flying around. If you stay in one spot too long, the cat will roll back over, so it's important to keep in motion.

Special Souvenirs[edit]

These must be unlocked by special means and cannot be obtained from the dispenser.

Pyoro R[edit]

Similar to Pyoro T in WarioWare: Touched, Pyoro must protect the flowers by stabbing his beak into the various bugs that want to destroy them. Spin the GBA to aim Pyoro's beak, and press A to jab. You get more points for jabbing large groups of enemies. If you hit a large bug, you have to shake the GBA quickly to destroy it. There are no extra lives.

  • You can unlock Pyoro R by opening every game in the Spindex. The best way to do this is to play each character's Story mode individually, as the Minigame Tower levels will only play games that you have seen before.