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Wario Land: Shake It! uses only the basic Wiimote Remote button in horizontal configuration. The pointer is not used in this game.




Press Left dpad or Right dpad to move left or right, depending on which way you want to go.


Press 2 button to jump. Use this to do things like to get up to platforms, stun enemies or get off ropes. Hold 2 button to jump even higher. You can jump while you are ducking.


Press Down dpad to duck, allowing you to crawl through small spaces and avoid certain enemy attacks.

Enter Pipes

Press Down dpad over the pipe. If the pipe is above you, hold Up dpad while jumping. You can also climb into Max Fastosity Dasherators and Blast-O-Cannons this way.


Get onto a steep hill to slide down the hill and along the ground. The distance you go along the ground depends on how far up the hill you were.


Dash Attack

Press 1 button to Dash forward and shoulder-ram enemies and obstacles. You can jump while Dashing to get at elevated targets. Most enemies not sporting a blade in front, stone blocks, and treasure chests all will react to a Dash Attack.

Ground Pound

Press Down dpad in midair to pound the ground. Ground Pounding has effects similar to Dashing, only to targets below you. If you Ground Pound from high up, you will produce a Super Ground Pound that can stun enemies and penetrate metal blocks.


As long as the enemy doesn't have a blade or spike on top, you can jump on the enemy to stun him. If you press 2 button just as you make contact, you can perform a boost jump off the enemy and get some extra height.


Walk up to any coin bag, ball, stunned enemy, or Merfle Barrelto pick it up.
WARNING! If you grab the Merfle Barrel, you set off the Intruder Alert and start the escape timer. Only grab the Merfle Barrel when you're ready to leave.

Put down

Press Down dpad while holding an object to gently set it back down. This is handy if you don't want to shake something up just yet.


Tap 1 button to give something a light toss. This usually won't hurt enemies or affect Coin Bags.


Hold down 1 button and a targeting arrow will appear. Tilt the Wiimote to change the direction, then let go to launch the object in a powerful throw. A fun way to get rid of enemies you've grabbed.


While holding an object, shake the Wiimote Horizontal shake to shake it up. Enemies may be convinced to cough up goodies, Coin Bags will spill forth their contents, and Merfle Barrels can be broken to free the Merfles within them. Remember, Dashing or Ground Pounding Coin Bags only yield one coin. To get the most loot from a bag, shake it.

Earthshake Punch

Shake the Wiimote Horizontal shake while not holding anything to make Wario punch the ground with tremendous energy. This can stun all enemies on screen, jostle loose teetering blocks, and even cause certain structures to be launched upwards. In general, if you spot a ! on anything, it will likely react to an Earthshake Punch.

Note that once you use the Earthshake Punch, it has to recharge. Watch the Wario gauge on top of the screen. Once the gauge fills and the W reappears, you can use the Earthshake Punch again.


If Wario grabs hold of a horizontal bar or rope, you can Shake the Wiimote Horizontal shake to make him start swinging on it, gymnast-style. While swinging like this, you can press 2 button to launch yourself to great heights.


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Press Plus button to pause the game and examine your stage progress. You can also use this screen to get a review of the controls, to retry a stage, or to give up and return to the map screen.


Press Minus button to pause the game and review the missions available for each stage.