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After beating the Spoiled Rotten, you will gain access to the four main passages and the Sound Room. The Sound Room is the room where all the CD from the CD Chests go when you find them. Some of the CDs are strange or pointless, but they're still fun to listen to.

If you manage to get over 10,000 points in all 18 stages, you will unlock the karaoke mode, with a special song track. You can also put the cursor on "Exit" and press Select button+Start button+L button+R button+Up dpad to force the karaoke mode to appear, regardless of your scores.

Level CD Name
Emerald Passage
Palm Tree Paradise About that Shepherd
Wildflower Fields Things That Never Change
Mystic Lake Tomorrow's Blood Pressure
Monsoon Jungle Beyond the Headrush
Ruby Passage
The Curious Factory Driftwood & The Island Dog
The Toxic Landfill The Judge's Feet
40 Below Fridge The Moon's Lamppost
Pinball Zone Soft Shell
Topaz Passage
Toy Block Tower So Sleepy
The Big Board The Short Futon
Doodle Woods Avocado Song
Domino Row Mr. Fly
Sapphire Passage
Crescent Moon Village Yesterday's Words
Arabian Night The Errand
Fiery Cavern You and Your Shoes
Hotel Horror Mr. Ether & Planaria