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  • Neutral control: Move around; perform a Wild Swing-Ding.
  • Neutral cstick: pan the camera. In most cases this is only a slight tilt. In levels accessed via trapdoor, this can rotate the camera in set 45° intervals.
  • A button: Jump. During a Dash, this will perform a Corkscrew Conk that is effective against flying enemies and used to perform long jumps. This will also progress text boxes from Spritelings, Garlic Dispensers, or signs.
  • B button: Throw punches and pick up objects. If held, performs a shorter Dash. While holding an object, hold until fully charged to perform a Mega Toss.
  • L button/Z button: Performs Hyper Suction, allowing Wario to suck up any loose coins that are nearby. Does not work on stationary coins placed throughout a stage.
  • R button: Performs either a Dash (on the ground), or a ground pound (in the air). If holding an enemy in the air, this performs a Piledriver.
  • Start button: Pause the game and display the item screen.
  • Y button, X button, and Neutral dpad are not used.

Mad Moves[edit]

  • Mega Toss: While holding an enemy, hold B button until Wario is glowing blue, tilted backwards, and doesn't seem to be charging any longer. Release the enemy and they will go flying until they hit a wall - in some cases sliding down into a pit never to be seen again. This is also referred to as a Power Throw.
  • Wild Swing-Ding: While holding an enemy or object, rotate the Neutral control in one direction. In some cases, this must be performed in a specific direction to affect certain objects (Swirly Slabs). After rotating the control stick to make Wario spin around several times, he will glow blue and continue spinning automatically. At this time you can use Neutral control to move Wario while spinning - this is very handy when facing enemies in Battle Rings or other large groups of enemies.
  • Piledriver: While holding an enemy, jump into the air (A button) then press R button. Instead of a butt slam, Wario will spin around in mid air a few times before slamming his enemy into the ground. This is very useful for attacking enemies one time around you, attacking objects slightly above Wario's peak jump height, and gaining access to Steel Trapdoors.