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Standing here is a safe zone.

The second world boss of the game poses little threat. This boss features two heads and two tails, but damage is shared between both of them. Dual Dragon's tails cannot be damaged, and they will swing at Wario if he gets too near.

General strategy[edit]

Dual Dragon has two attacks. The first is breathing fire across the top half of the stage. While one head is breathing fire, the other will duck underwater to avoid harm. In order to damage the boss, Wario must punch one of the heads until it falls over stunned. The goal is to have one head breathe fire onto the other head, delivering damage. As the fight progresses, fireball projectiles will stray from the top half of the arena to the bottom.

The other attack is spitting dozens of glue globes out onto the field, and the other head sucking them up. If Wario is caught on a glue globe, he needs to disconnect at quickly as possible before the other head eats him and deals damage. On rare occasions, a damaging spiked ball or healing Garlic will be spat out in addition to glue globes.

For both attacks, there are two pillars at the bottom of the arena that can be stood on for safety. After five successful fire attacks to Dual Dragon, it is defeated and the next area unlocks.