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Regular Enemies[edit]


Magons are the first enemies faced in the game. They are orange dragon-like creatures, but are very slow and are not very smart. Small Magons only take a single hit to defeat, and the larger ones get stunned after a single combo punch, or three regular hits. Only large Magons can be picked up and thrown.


These purple pterodactyls have swirly eyeballs. It takes two hits to stun them, and they fly around. Should they grab Wario, shake the control stick to escape or else they will fling him away to deal a lot of damage. There are other identical enemies like pigeons, snow birds, and hawks that function the same. As the game progresses, occasionally Cractyls will drop spiked balls or bombs.


Armored, tank-like creatures that fire cannonballs that rarely ever explode on impact. It takes four hits to stun Ankirons. Occasionally, it will retreat into its shell and cannot be damaged until Wario walks away a short distance and comes back.


A large triceratops enemy that wields a large stick. When holding the stick, the enemy cannot be attacked from the front, whether it be by direct attacks or other objects being thrown at it. After three normal punches are delivered, the Clubosaur will drop the stick and walk on all fours, occasionally charging and ramming into Wario. They become stunned after another three hits.

Enemy Generator[edit]

These enemies are generally invincible. Instead of attacking directly, they spawn Magons of both sizes. Very rarely, they'll spit out a spiked ball that disappears after a few seconds. Enemy Generators eventually die after a long period of time after spewing its last enemy, leaving behind 6 large gold coins. They will re-spawn after moving off-screen.

Area-specific enemies[edit]

Greenhorn Ruins[edit]

Old Red-Mug[edit]

There are only three of these creatures in the game. They are large stone creatures with a large red face, and will fall over backwards after three punches or receiving a Mega Toss. It is not necessary to defeat this enemy at any point, as they are used either to return to earlier parts of the stage, or can simply be jumped around.

Horror Manor[edit]


These nefarious fish live in watery areas, and will attempt to pop up under Wario in order to slash at his legs. Jumping around them or avoiding pools of water are the best method to get around them, but they can be stunned with a few punches like most enemies.

Door Spirit[edit]

These enemies need to be defeated to progress. As the name implies, they live on doors, firing spare projectiles at Wario. The brass ones take six hits to defeat, and the silver ones need nine. After a few hits on silver Door Spirits, they will charge up and fire a massive laser instead—get out of the way as soon as possible!

Wonky Circus[edit]

Giant Cannonball[edit]

These cannonballs are huge! They're completely indestructible and will not only damage Wario but fling him far away as well. It is best to avoid these at all costs.


These snakes are being charmed by a little guy riding them. They are limited in movement to their pots, but can reach surprisingly far. It takes a high number of punches to stun both the cobra and their master, so avoiding them is suggested instead of trying to combat these.

Bowling Pin[edit]

These can't actually hurt Wario, but if they are all defeated by using a Mega Toss on cannonballs, will reward Wario with coins.

Caged Beast[edit]

Caged Beasts are giant cages that sleep by themself. If Wario gets too close, large arms will claw at him until he leaves. Eventually, they will go on the offensive by extruding a pair of legs and running after Wario to claw at him. They take many hits to defeat, and are generally too large to use for Steel Trapdoors, so avoiding these enemies is suggested over combat.


These angry guys just run around all day! They either charge along a fixed path, in which case they are invincible, or will charge at each other and Wario, where they can eventually be stunned by their own collision. Most of them serve more as stage hazards than enemies, so staying out of their way is best.

Shivering Mountains[edit]

Freeze Cannon[edit]

Freeze Cannons are indestructible devices that shoot icy-cold auras that freeze Wario, leaving him vulnerable to other enemies' attacks. They can be temporarily disabled by ground pounding them.

Sled Creature[edit]

These enemies cannot be damaged nor defeated, they only serve to push Wario down the mountain into the Unithorn's Lair. Merely jump around them to progress.

Icicle Mite[edit]

These creatures are conveniently pointy. After stunning them from a few punches, they can be Piledrived into the ground to be used as a miniature platform to reach higher location. Icicle Mites cannot be stacked on top of themselves.


These initially appear to be giant moving icebergs that won't let Wario pass by. First break the ice on their backs by dashing into them, then deliver a few punches or ground pounds to stun them.


These guys might look funny, but they're anything but. Once a Fattington drops in, it will slowly work its way to Wario to bounce into him. The rubbery skin of the Fattington will fling Wario far away, and even more if they're jumped into. They cannot be punched or ground pounded: they must have another object thrown into them first to be stunned, then they can be thrown. It is best to try and avoid these rotund creatures rather than battle.

Beanstalk Way[edit]


These enemies operate very similarly to Horror Manor's Swordfish. They only appear in thick grass, and must be ground pounded to be damaged. Sometimes, they will dash forward to deal damage. Be wary attempting to damage these foes, though, as if Wario misses a ground pound he will become stuck in the thick grass: A perfect opening to be attacked by another enemy.


There are only two of these enemies in the entire game, and they cannot be defeated. They spit out a Glue Globe, then suck it up quickly. If Wario is still on the Glue Globe when it is inhaled, he will be chewed up and damaged. Unlike most other enemies, this one can be entirely bypassed with creative jumping.

Wind Winder[edit]

This intuitively named enemy blows gusts of wind at Wario to push him away, relatively slowly. They cannot deal damage, and are defeated with a single blow.

Monstrous Magnet[edit]

Massive magnets: How do they work? They float in the air and fire electrical beams at Wario to stun and damage him. They are stunned with several hits, and can be Mega Tossed to stick to metal surfaces around the area. They are shockingly persistent at attacks, so it may be wise to stun all nearby Monstrous Magnets before attempting to stick them onto metal walls. They won't stay forever, so move quickly once stuck.


There are two ways this enemy is encountered. The first is similar to the Sled Creatures of the level prior: Un-damageable raging monsters that fling Wario far off cliff sides. The other is as a free roaming enemy that will rapidly charge Wario to jostle him, or by smashing into him from above. They can gang up quickly, so the use of a Wild Swing-Ding to clear a large amount of them out of an area is encouraged.

Mirror Mansion[edit]

Ninja Crow[edit]

These resilient birds can soak up a lot of punches before being stunned, and attack Wario with a dagger from their mouth. Using another enemy to take these out from a distance is highly encouraged, as they are much weaker to other objects being thrown at it. When not being attacked, they will kick at Wario instead to deal damage.


Sometimes these foes appear in the wheels moving across mirrors. They don't inherently pose a threat any more than the empty purple wheels, but they can be punched to be thrown off course or defeated with a Mega Tossed object. Given the limited space they occupy, as well as their infinitely respawning nature, defeating a Mouse is generally just a waste of time. That said, they will crush Wario if he gets in their way.


These trickers may look helpless and locked up, but that's to fool you! They initially spin towards Wario, occasionally smacking him to deal damage but otherwise stand around looking helpless and defenseless. Once enough damage has been dealt to execute a Mad Move, however, this frees the Magician from its shackles to reveal it is actually a vampire! These move much faster and deal more damage than before, but can still be punched, stunned, and defeated like any other enemy.


These peculiar enemies only can be seen in the reflection of mirrors. They will occasionally fire projectiles at Wario, and often tend to appear in groups. When not attacking, they will teleport around the area for a new chance to strike. They might be invisible, but that doesn't make them intangible! Wario is still able to dash into a Witch for damage, if not punch or ground pound. Utilize the mirrors in the area to locate their position, and show them who's boss for some extra cash.

Pecan Sands[edit]

Big Scorper[edit]

These scorpion enemies are similar to Stingrays, as they will be in environments where Wario can get stuck in the terrain from ground pounding. They mostly hide under the sand except for their eyes and massive tail. It looks dangerous for a reason, as its strikes will cause a full point of damage as well as stunning Wario. They can only be harmed by ground pounding their submerged body in the sand, which is the area between the eyes and tail. It takes three or four hits to stun, before it pops out of the ground to dispatch with a Mad Move.

Laser Jigglefish[edit]

These rare foes are hard as steel on the outside, and float around the environment. Occasionally, they will start to fire a laser from their underside, flipping over to reveal its weak spot. A single ground pound should incapacitate these foes. They are generally larger than most other enemies, which while it makes them excellent for clearing large groups of enemies, makes it more difficult to enter any steel Trapdoor with.

Flying Spade[edit]

Almost entirely identical to Monstrous Magnets, except they fire far more frequently and are not stunned for very long. Knocking down all Flying Spades in the area before throwing them into dark sandstone to climb upwards is nearly a must. Constantly moving around the environment also helps prevent taking damage from their projectile blasts.


Crystal Entity[edit]

In a larger arena, a large crystal monster falls from above and lodges itself in the center. A barrier appears trapping Wario with the foe. Instead of attacking directly, it will summon Crystal Creatures, small enemies to attack instead. Grounded Crystal Creatures wield a stick and act similarly to Clubosaurs, needing two hits to stun. Flying Crystal Creatures act similarly to Cractyls and take only one hit to stun. Once a Crystal Creature is stunned, a Mad Move must be done to hit the Crystal Entity. Repeating this three times finally stuns the enemy to be defeated in any way. There are three colored variants: Red, Orange, and Blue. This changes the type of occasional projectiles used after sustaining damage: Red will fire a laser, orange will fire slow moving homing projectiles, and blue will fire small, white, linear projectiles.

Big Bone-Fist[edit]

These gates appear in Horror Manor. They must be defeated to pass. They have three main attacks: Swiping at Wario in an attempt to grab him, in which the control stick must be spun around to break free, a finger gun that fires fast projectiles, and a slam that reveals its weak point, a glowing blue spot on the back of the hand.

Electric Clown Fence[edit]

These gates appear in Wonky Circus. In order to progress, they must be defeated. They will shock Wario if contact is made with them, but do not have any attacks of their own. Every so often, a Clown Magon will appear which is to be thrown at moving targets bouncing around the Electric Clown Fence. If a target is struck with a regularly thrown Clown Magon, it will shrink and move faster—requiring a second hit to defeat. Alternatively, a Mega Tossed Clown will instantly break the target. When all targets are broken, the Electric Clown Fence explodes to leave 6 large gold coins behind.

Angler Mangler[edit]

The mighty Angler Mangler is a giant Anglerfish that traps Wario in a wall of ice. It will spew moving icicles that freeze Wario upon contact in a variety of patterns. When not trying to freeze Wario, it will summon Barrel Buster to attack on its behalf. In order to damage the Angler Manger, a Barrel Buster must be Piledrived underneath the glowing ball from the mini-bosses' forehead. Aiming roughly on the shadow the ball leaves is a good way to line up the attack to deal damage.

Tree Freak[edit]

This overgrown weed grows a very unique fruit: Half spiked and half soft. Deal with these plants by first punching the tree to knock down the fruit, then throwing one at the green bulb on the front. This will reveal the Tree Freak's face, which requires another fruit thrown to actually damage it. The fruits like to roll around, and will be rotated greatly when ground pounding near them. Wario won't be able to pick up the spiky side of the fruit, so be careful! If too many fruit build up, wait for them to de-spawn before knocking more down.

Terrible Portrait[edit]

These monsters trap Wario within a segment of hallway, revealing its face and two arms. They will barrage Wario with a wide series of attacks, including dropping massive boulders to crush Wario, a giant snowball to freeze him, a heat-seeking heat wave that sets him on fire, and an electrical current to zap Wario. Occasionally, the face of the portrait will spew a Barrel Buster instead. These should be used to damage the boss, but only under the arms. If done under the face of the Terrible Portrait, it will just move out of the way instead!

Stone-Cold Statue[edit]

These strange pigeon-esqe creatures have four sides across three segments that rotate around randomly. Once they stop, depending on the alignment of sides on the front, different attacks will be performed. The eyes side will fire a projectile, while the lips breathe fire. The nose will slow Wario down dramatically, and start to pull him in (likely to be hit with other attacks). The fourth segment is a big green button, which should be attacked to deliver damage. The damaging button can only be attacked when glowing (not moving). Unlike most other mini-bosses, both Stone-Cold Statues can be bypassed relatively easily.


Jokey Ship[edit]

This enemy appears in both Wonky Circus and Mirror Mansion. It cannot be attacked directly, and only serves to fire Magons at Wario. Later in Mirror Mansion, they will fire flaming cannonballs instead of enemies, so be cautious.

Barrel Buster[edit]

These are summoned by either Angler Manglers in Shivering Mountains or Terrible Portraits in Mirror Mansion. When Piledrived, their heads will fly upwards, damaging anything above it. They aren't terribly resilient, and only take a few punches to stun.


These horned ghosts only appear in the Unithorn's Lair. They have two different states, angry and sad as they float around Wario to haunt him. They begin as angry, often trying to ram into Wario to push him into the cursed water. After a crate has been broken to reveal a bomb, they will enter a sad mode, generally hovering closer to Wario before eventually attempting to bite him, and shake money out of him directly! They revert back to angry when a bomb explodes. There is a small stunned period between angry and sad forms, so they can often be kept in place by quickly breaking boxes and pushing bombs immediately into the cursed water. Unlike other enemies, these cannot damage Wario in any way—they only serve to steal his money.