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Warlords Battlecry has a hero as the main character, who will be the primary focus across the many games that are played. Upon starting a campaign, skirmish or multiplayer game, you will create a new hero, by choosing the race. On second level, you pick a profession, and a specialty on third level.

If desired, you can choose Tinman mode (+25% Xp, but no XP from battles where the hero is slain), Bronzeman Mode (+50% XP, but XP reset to start of current level if slain), or Ironman Mode (+100XP, but death is permanent). It is your decision to choose this, whether the additional XP growth is worth the risk of failing.

Note that some multiplayer games may require creating a temporary hero of a given level. Such temporary heroes use different rules for builds, as they don't get additional ability points from the training attribute. Temporary heroes are also shown which race they're going to lead, thus you won't be entering blind.

Hero Race[edit]

The first step is to choose the hero's race. This affects which classes may be chosen later,

Race Profession Stats Bonus leading Penalty leading Abilities
Human Any Average Humans, High elves, Dwarves Orcs
Dwarf Warrior (Fighter), Rogues, Priests High strength, Low dexterity Dwarves, huamns Wood elves
  • Rune Lore (+5 rune casting)
  • Dwarven Armor (4 AP, +1 base armor to all damage)
  • Dwarven Hammer (5 AP, +10 damage)
Undead Warriors, Wizards Extreme intelligence, low strength and charisma Undead, dark elves Humans, Minotaurs
Barbarian Warriors, Priests High strength and dexterity, low intelligence and charisma Humans, Barbarians Undead
Minotaur Warriors, Rogues, Priests Extreme strength, low intelligence and charisma Minotaurs, Orcs Undead
Orc Warriors, Rogues, Priests High strength, low intelligence Orcs, Minotaurs Humans
High elf Warriors, Wizards, Priests Poor strength, high dexterity and intelligence High Elves, Wood Elves Dark Elves
Wood elf Any Low strength, high dexterity Wood elves, High elves Dwarves
Dark elf Any Low strength, High intelligence Dark Evles, Undead, or Orcs High Elves
Fey Rogues, Wizards, Priests Dismal strength, high dexterity, intelligence and charisma Fey or Wood Elves

Daemons, Undead

Dark Dwarf Warriors, Rogues, Priests High strength, low charisma Siege equipment High elves, wood elves
Daemon Warriors, Rogues, Wizards Extreme strength, Low dexterity and charisma Darmons, Dark Elves Fey

To create a hero who is strong enough to defeat even the toughest titan, upgrade (or downgrade) Warlords: Battecry II to version 1.02. Two sites that still host this patch (version 1.02) are:

Next, the trainer, AnonTrainer's +7 Trainer, is required. To get it, go to, & search for "AnonTrainer's +7 trainer" (without the apostrophes).

With having both acquired the patch & trainer, now play the game for a while, & raise the destined hero, who is to be made godlike, to level 36. Use an XP map to speed up the process. Also, unless the hero requires a special "Hero Ability" to use his/her "Hero Spells" (e.g. the Barbarian requires the "Shaman" Hero Ability to unlock "Nature" in his/her Hero Spells), do not increase the ability points for the hero from levels 4-36, especially "Training"; increasing it for even a select few additional Ability Points for the following levels will actually decrease the maximum points to be used at level 36.

When at level 36, have ready AnonTrainer's +7 Trainer. With it, do not give the hero more than 1,000 Ability Points to allocate at a time (e.g. use up all the 1,000 points given by the trainer by pressing Alt+9 twice and then get another 1,000 points to use up, etc.); giving the hero more than 1,000 points can cause the game's software to determine that cheating is taking place. If it detects cheating, it will reset the hero's stats to 1 after having finished leveling up.

Other things to look out for:

  • A hero cannot have more than 2,040 HP or more than 99 speed. With 2,040+ HP, a hero will die from a single hit (when hit, his/her HP will dip into the negatives, e.g. -2,050 HP, and he/she will stand in place until the HP increases to 0, at which point the hero dies).
  • As for speed, 100 or more (only with items, having +1 to +6 speed bonuses equipped is it possible to go beyond 100 speed) will drop a hero's melee to -100 (or less), and it will take an extremely long time (about half a minute) for him/her to attack anything just once.

Now that you know about the limits and boundaries to creating a godlike hero, use the information below to create a hero equal to the statistics given.


At level 2, you can pick one of four professions, and at level 3, one of four specialties.

Class Specialty Abilities
Warrior (+1 Strength) Fighter +1 Dexterity
  • Weaponsmaster (6 AP, +6 Training)
  • Arms Lore (6 AP, +6 Combat)
  • Weapons Lore (6 AP, +15 damage)
  • General (5 AP, +5 Command)

Later levels[edit]

Starting at level 4, levelling up grants the hero ability points, which are used to improve the character.

The amount of ability points granted is based on the Training skill. If you want a powerful high-level hero, you want to maximize this if possible, preferably increasing by improving Strength or Intelligence. Notable values for the training attribute appear to be 13 (+1 skill point per level), 19 (+2), 25 (+3) and 41 (+4), with additional points in training being less effective.