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Shrines and Mausoleums give quests, some of which require you to answer a riddle.

Red as blood, Sweet as wine, My heart is hard, But my flesh is fine.
I run all day but cannot walk. I have a mouth but cannot talk. What am I?
I touch the earth, I touch the sky, But if I touch you, You'll surely die.
In Summer I wear green, All day and all night. In fall I wear yellow, In winter I wear white.
I die without air, yet I have no lungs
I live in the oceans, rivers & sea. When I'm cold, I float. When I'm hot, I'm free.
A sturdy back, legs four, once I lived, but no more.
White flesh above, brown gills below. I move not an inch, in the darkness I grow
I have an eye but I am blind, I'm cold and hard and never kind, Despite all this you still should see, There always is a point to me.
My feet are warm, My head is cold, I never move, Since I'm so old
A head but no body, a heart but no blood, leaves but no branches, what am I?