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Box artwork for Warpman.
Year released1985
Preceded byWarp & Warp
Japanese titleワープマン
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Warpman is an updated version of an older Namco arcade game entitled Warp & Warp (The ampersand was remove from the title in the US.) Warpman takes the concept established in Warp & Warp, and updates the quality of the graphics, and adds new enemies into the mix, but the goal of the game is the same. The player can occupy one of two screens; a wide open space, and a room of criss crossing corridors. In space, the player shoots a gun at enemies, while in the room, the player drops bombs behind him. The player must warp from one environment to the other (hence the name) when warping is permitted.

While Warp & Warp was converted for play on the MSX home computer systems, the updated Warpman was only released for the Famicom. Warpman never came to the US, and is little known outside of Japan.

Gameplay summary[edit]

  • Warpman begins on the space screen. He can fire his gun in four directions.
  • Warpman must destroy a set number of aliens in order to advance to the next stage.
  • If Warpman shoots three aliens of the same type and color in a row, a special alien appears and can be shot for bonus points.
  • At certain intervals, the galaxy-like image in the center of space glows. At this time Warpman can Warp to the corridor room.
  • In the corridors, Warpman may not shoot his gun, he can only drop bombs behind him.
  • The bombs detonate after a period of time. That period can be extended by hold the button down when dropping them.
  • A warp back to space can appear in the corridor room that must be bombed in order to open it.
  • Warpman must avoid contact with every alien in the game, their bullets, and his own bomb explosions.

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