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Warthog Games
Warthog Games's company logo.

Warthog Games Limited was a UK-based video game developer, located in Cheadle, near Stockport, with studios in Sweden and the USA.

The developer later developed titles as Gizmondo Europe, before the company disbanded; and key staff formed Embryonic Studios which later became TT Fusion.

Warthog was founded in April 1997, the core of the development team comprised of ex-Electronic Arts personnel responsible for, amongst other titles, the hit Privateer: The Darkening. With this as the basis, Warthog began to develop something of a speciality in space-flight sims, with follow-up titles Starlancer (which sold over 330,000 units, mainly on PC) and Star Trek: Invasion (achieving over 230,000 units on PlayStation). Since 1999, the company also developed expertise in children's titles, with releases based upon well known franchises such as Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes, Harry Potter and Asterix.

In later years, Warthog purchased several other companies. First, in 2002, they purchased 42-Bit, which became Warthog Sweden. Also in 2002, they purchased Zed Two. Then in 2003, they purchased U.S.-based Fever Pitch, which became Warthog Texas. In 2004, Warthog itself was acquired by Tiger Telematics and became a part of Gizmondo Studios. Collectively, the Cheadle and newly acquired Sweden studios became known as Gizmondo Europe, while the recently acquired Warthog Texas becoming Gizmondo Texas. Their focus from then on would be on the Gizmondo handheld console.

After Gizmondo became bankrupt, key staff from the original team established a new development company, Embryonic Studios. This company was then acquired by TT Games in 2006, and renamed TT Fusion, where the team continued to developed console and handheld titles.