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In the first campaign, you will deal with Alpha Base. Their main objective is to locate and recover neural synapse technology, by first establishing a base and searching for a pre-collapse structure.

Scavenger Raiders[edit]

Scavenger raiders are approaching. Defend the base then destroy the Scavengers. While you are free to take your time to complete the mission, it would take an excessive amount of time to be worthwhile.

You start in the bottom-left corner of the map, with three trucks and four vipers with machineguns. You will shortly receive a briefing that scavengers are raiding; they are unarmored infantry with a machine gun and are easily killed by your vehicles.

Build your base, with a command center, power generator, factory, and oil derrick. A research facility will be useful once you collect an artifact.

The first scavenger outpost

Once you are satisfied with your base, send your combat units to the east. They will encounter light resistance at the corner of the road. Push north for a larger number of enemies, and to reveal the location of the first scavenger base. Destroy the base to obtain an artifact for Hardened MG bullets – research them at your research facility to increase their damage. You will also gain access to APDSB MG bullets up to Mk2. Build an oil derrick as well.

Push to the northeast of the area to reach a scavenger base. This is slightly more defended than the first outpost, but also contains a resource location as well. It is defended by two small machinegun towers and several units. Attack with at least six vehicles. When the base is destroyed, you can research the Flamer, which is effective against bunkers, wheeled and hover vehicles. Note that there are still nearby enemies even when the base is destroyed; they are northwest of the resource.

A third scavenger base will be marked. It contains five machinegun towers and is lightly defended, but reinforcements will arrive from the south. Destroy it to obtain the artifact for machine gun towers.

The final base is located to the south. The enemy forces will defend this base in large numbers. The front wall has two machine gun towers, and two flamer towers, and is occupied by a large quantity of infantry and light vehicles.

The mission will end when you destroy the base and collect the artifact to research Engineering.

Power Surge Detected[edit]

Time limit: 60 minutes

A power surge was detected to the south of your base. Investigate it and secure any artifacts.

Any buildings constructed on the southern outskirts of your base will be harassed by scavengers. While units in the base can return fire, you will have to head southwards on the eastern-side of the map. In addition, enemies are more aggressive in this mission, and will attack your base at least if it is left undefended.

Research engineering to gain access to Tank Traps and a Mobile Repair Turret.

When you head south, you fill first encounter machine gun bunkers. The are vulnerable to flamers, but you will still need machine guns to take out other units that approach.

The first base has four machinegun towers that allows research on the High Temperature Flamer Gel. While only defended by four machinegun towers, there are nearby bunkers that can attack approaching units. This opens up an attack path to the base either to the west or south.

The west base gives access to the Twin Machinegun technology, and is the source of the attacks coming from the south of your base. The outpost just to the south is filled with machinegun bunkers, and a sensor tower. Knock it down to allow research for the Sensor Turret, and its tower. This turret allows a wider detection radius, as well as allows artillery units and turrets to attack at long range.

The final base to the south is defended by scattered bunkers surrounding the area, and by a few machinegun towers within the main base itself. It has two access ramps, either from the east or northwest. Taking out this final base will start the next mission.

Power Module Artifact[edit]

You have obtained the Power Module artifact. Research it and build it in your base. There is no time limit for this segment.

While researching it, scout around the area to make sure the base is completely safe from hostiles. Also, be sure to build sufficient defenses around power resources to ensure their safety; later missions will involve attacks on your base, and if those buildings are isolated, will cause them to be lost.

Locate and Recover Artifacts[edit]

  • Time limit: 15 minutes

This is your first mission that takes place away from your base. Select 10 units from your base and load them onto the transport. They may either be combat units, or construction units (in order to build sensors or turrets in the remote region. If you loaded an incorrect unit, right-click the transport, and remove any unwanted units. Click the transport icon in the top-left corner to start the mission.

For this mission, the best loadout is machine gun vehicles, with one repair vehicle. There are only 15 minutes to complete the mission, including time spent preparing at your base.

Once the units are transported, order them directly to the marked location on the map, but watch for an enemy patrol coming from behind. The base located in the north-west corner only contains a flamer tower, and the artifact. Collect the artifact and start research on the Heavy Machinegun.

Return all units to the landing zone to continue the mission. You can also complete the mission by destroying all enemies on the map, but this is not recommended.

Investigate Research Center[edit]

  • Time limit: 30 minutes
  • Reinforcement Time: 1 minute

Select 10 units, and put them in the transport. When you arrive at the mission zone, you will be dropped off at the south-east corner of the region.

Immediately west of your position is a scavenger base filled with machinegun turrets. The base extends along the southern part of the map. While it can be defeated with your initial squad, you will need to deal with at least six emplacements: four machine gun towers, and 2 machine gun bunkers.

Push towards the research facility marked on the map; the easiest way to reach it is to destroy the base to the west, then turn north. You will see a new weapon, the mini-rockets being used against you; these turrets are weak and inaccurate, and won't do much stop against a large force of 20 vehicles. Push forward to the research center, destroy it and collect the Mortar artifacts; you can research up to HE Mortar shells Mk2.

After collecting the artifact, you are informed of a large scavenger base in the region. Head to the northeast, and finish off the scavengers. Collect the Half-Track artifact and research it for a new vehicle type. While heading directly towards the base is the fastest route, and units that are ordered to auto-retreat will try passing through the canyon to the east of the base, which is heavily fortified.

After collecting the artifact, you will need to return all units to the LZ to complete the mission. The enemies will try a last ditch effort to attack the LZ; but this will be futile.

Encoded Signals Detected[edit]

  • Time limit: 60 minutes
  • Reinforcement Time: 2 minutes (after finding base)

A cutscene shows reports from team Beta and Gamma about their situation. After the report, HQ is detecting encoded signals somewhere to the north. Your transport will deploy your units in the north west of the area. The residents of the area will make a small announcement, making claim to this region.

Build defenses around the landing zone, to repel the small wave of hostiles that approach. Head south, to the marked location to intercept a convoy heading east. Follow or destroy it; when you discover the scavenger base near the center of the map, reinforcements become available.

Destroy the scavenger base to research the light cannon; this may be researched up to HEAT Cannon Shells Mk3. The base is most vulnerable from the back, but the convoy will be found there.

You will have your first encounter with the New Paradigm soon after you destroy the scavenger base. Their base is located in the north-east corner. This base is fortified by cannon hardpoints. To safest means to enter the base is to build a sensor and mortar vehicles to shell the outer defenses and critial infrastructure.

The paradigm base contains artifacts for the Command Relay bunker, and the Factory Module (which allows building Medium and large chassis vehicles.) You can also obtain the command turret, which allows you to set squads of vehicles to attack as a single unit. After researching the factory module, you can also research the repair facility, the medium cannon, and further improve the factory production. You can also manufacture concrete, allowing you to build a variety of turrets.

Enemy attack[edit]

  • Time limit: 2 hours

The enemy is attacking from the south with ground units. Intercept the enemy forces and destroy their base.

The first wave will be light units from the southeast, followed by medium units with cannons. After the second wave, watch for an incoming attack from the west.

Advance towards the scavenger base in the south-east. This will be a large base defended by machine gun towers and mini-rocket emplacements. They can be destroyed with mortars, while being covered by regular combat units. This base contains an artifact for mini rockets.

When you attack, enemy mortar vehicles will start shelling your units from the north. Destroy them, and build a repair outpost in the south-east corner. Attack the first defenses from the east, working to the west. When you destroy the factory, you can research tracked propulsion.

As you proceed north, you are informed of an enemy landing zone. This will reinforce the enemy periodially and will need to be destroyed. Attack the zone by following the eastern edge of the map, to avoid being shelled by enemy mortars. After the LZ, procced further north, to the east of the base. Capture the power resource in the north east, and charge the central base from the north.

Before you head west, you receive a final briefing. The new paradigm has a constructed building that contains the Synaptic link technology. Destroy it and collect the artifact.

Once the last plateau is destroyed, eliminate all New Paradigm forces from the area.

Establish Forward Base[edit]

  • Time limit: 30 minutes

In the continuation of the previous mission, you will need to defend the central area against enemy reinforcements. Build a base and a few defenses to repel the enemy transports.

In general, the transports will drop batches of 6-8 units, with a mixture of direct-fire and artillery units. These units may be equipped with mortars, mini rocket artillery turrets, medium cannons and bunker busters.

Transports will drop off units at random locations near the old destroyed base. The drop location is randomized. Also, the enemy may attack secondary bases instead of the central area.

Enemy Transmissions Detected[edit]

  • Time limit: 30 minutes
  • No reinforcements.

This is a scout mission. Assign 10 units to the transport, and deploy them.

Near the LZ, there is a scavenger base with a mortar. Destroy it as quickly as possible, being careful not to lose units. Advance to the right, following the tracks, then turn north and head west along the lower path. You can then enter the central area.

Note that if you are progressing slowly on this map, the enemy will build machine gun bunkers to block your progress. Proceed to the second landing zone once as soon as you spot the enemy base.

Destroy enemy base[edit]

  • Additional time: +20 minutes
  • Reinforcement time: 90 seconds

Reinforcements become available at the second LZ, and you receive additional time. Return in force, and destroy the enemy base and recover any artifacts present.

Note that the LZ is close to an enemy scavenger base to the north. While they don't produce units or expand, they have a mortar pit that can shell units trying to enter or exit the LZ. To ensure the best resiliance, try to send heavy units, and start building anti-tank or cannon defences on the cliff to the left of the LZ.

The front entrance to the base is heavily fortified, but if you attack the scavenger base, you can easily attack the base from the high cliff and take out the buildings within the base.

Once the base is destroyed, you can research the Bug light body, Composite Alloys, and Mini Rocket Artillery. You can also begin research on the Bombard once Composite Alloys are researched. The bug provides less protection then your normal chassis, but is cheaper, weighs less, and has improved engine output. Further research into Composite alloys unlocks the heavy body, the Python.

Once the enemy base is destroyed and all artifacts are collected, you will need to return to the LZ to complete the mission.

Synaptic Link Location[edit]

Overview of the outer base
  • Time limit: 60 minutes
  • Reinforcement time: 3 minutes

After launching, your transport will fly over the enemy base before dropping the units. This will be the first mission where you encounter cyborgs.

To the east of the LZ are two scavenger bases. These two cover the southern choke point. The northern edge of the map also has a scavenger base, which needs to be destroyed for a flanking attack.

The recommended point of attack is in the north-west corner of the base. You will first want to shell defences at that location using a sensor tower and mortars or bombards, then have the artillery team provide covering fire. Note that once you fire artillery at the base, enemy units will attempt to defend the base by advancing on your artillery. You can block them by closing a choke point at the south. Even if it isn't the weakest point, it is a critical location as the enemy will use the repair center to restore health to its forces.

The weak point of the base is to the east; you can station artillery here to destroy defences and critical infrastructure from behind; however, you still need to advance through the front.

Once you enter the inner base, an enemy transport will arrive to deploy fresh units. Try to draw them out through the choke point.

The synaptic link technology is in the research center; this leads to construction of the cyborg factory. You will also need to destroy the cyborg factory to get the artifact for Automated Factory Production Mk3, and the factories to get the Scorpion and Fuel Injection Engine Mk2.

The mission will end once all units are destroyed.

Counter Attack[edit]

  • Time limit: 60 minutes

Back in Alpha base, enemy forces are attacking once again from the east and north.

During the mission, enemy drop points are highlighted in red on the minimap. The transports will occasionally drop units of either cyborgs or heavy tanks. At the start of the mission, the drop points will be located on the eastern edge of the map, but gradually shift to the west (including the cliff just south of your base, and the "secure" area to the north.

New Objectives[edit]

  • Time limit: 30 minutes
  • Reinforcement time: 1 minute

For this mission, you will need fast units with a powerful enough weapons. In addition to the normal time limit, the New Paradigm will collect an artifact during the mission, and will attempt to escape with it.

There are two scavenger bases to the right. The first overlooks the central canyon. The second is in the south-east corner of the map, which covers (but not blocks) the path to the canyon.

Approximately 3 minutes into the mission, the New Paradigm will have units in the canyon collect the artifact. You must intercept them, as they will head back to their base and board the transport. If you can destroy their heavy tank, you can retrieve the artifact, the Heavy Cannon. This weapon can be later researched into a hardpoint format.

To complete the mission, destroy all enemy vehicles. There are two routes to the enemy base; the direct one follows the ramp, while an alternate path a bit further east leads to a third scavenger base.

Defeating The New Paradigm[edit]

  • Time limit: 2 hours
  • Reinforcement time: 2 minutes

This is the final campaign mission launched from Alpha base. When you deploy, you will be quickly attacked by heavy vehicles. To defend against them, you should ensure that your initial forces are also heavy units, and are equipped with anti-tank weapons (such as lancers.) The attack force also includes a sensor unit that will assist in more distant artillery units in the attack. Once you fight off the initial attacks, you will need to build defenses on the northern coast to ensure that hover units don't attempt to cut off reinforcements.

There are four points of interest, all of which get marked on the map as you approach them. The first is located directly east of the landing zone, and is only a fortified emplacement. Attack the base, making sure you have at least a few bunker busters to quickly eliminate defenses. Once you take out this base, you will be able to research hover propulsion.

The rest of the new paradigm base is located to the north, and is more heavily defended than the previous missions. The two best methods to destroy the defenses is either using artillery, or by using the bunker busters. There are also defensive structures scattered throughout the islands on the map, but they may be ignored.

The first defensive line will has a large number of cyborgs in wait.

As you approach the base to the north, you will be alerted to both a central base, and the enemy LZ. The LZ can be cleared simply by building a sensor tower, and bombarding it with mortars, while your main forces break down the front entrance.

The final part of the base is the HQ at the north-easy corner of the map. By the time you reach it, there will be a large group of cyborgs waiting inside the wall. The most significant defense in the final section is a pair of mortar pits below the approach, and lancer hard points surrounding the HQ.

The mission will end as soon as all enemy bases are destroyed and you have collected the artifacts. There is no need to send units to the LZ.

End of campaign[edit]

  • Time limit: 10 minutes

The New Paradigm is destroyed in this area, and is no longer a threat. The cutscene will describe that the Nexus intruder program was found within the New Paradigm systems, and that it destroyed itself before it could be analysed. It makes the claim that it was behind the initial destruction of the world, and threatens to destroy you as well.

After the briefing, Beta Base is under attack by the forces that they spotted earlier, and are unable to hold out by themselves. Spend this time building the units required to assist Team Beta in holding out, most suitable for dealing with ground attacks. When you launch your ten units, any resources remaining in the pool will be lost forever - however, units can still be transported to Beta base.

The first ten units sent should all be related to combat - Beta base does not have enough resources for construction, and already has a few constructors and a factory for themselves.