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Basic controls
Throttle A button
Turn Left control or Right control
Tight Turn DownLeft control or DownRight control
Lean L button or R button (Requires turn)
Turbo Z button
Crouch B button
Jump controls
Mid-air control Up control or Down control during jump
Short Dive L button+R button during jump
Long Dive Down control then Up control during jump
Right Barrel Roll Left control then Right control during jump
Left Barrel Roll Right control then Left control during jump.
Basic stunts
Handstand Release throttle, Down control then hold Up control
Standing Release throttle, spin control counter-clockwise, then hold Up control
Backwards Release throttle, spin control clockwise, then hold Down control
Advanced jumps
Superman Hold B button, Up control then Down control
Right Can-Can Hold B button, Left control then Right control
Left Can-Can Hold B button, Right control then Left control
Nac-nac Hold B button, spin control clockwise
Heel Clicker Hold B button, spin control counter-clockwise (try starting at Down control)
Advanced Stunts
Bullet B button, {{gc{Down|Control}} then Up control
Flip Sub B button, spin control clockwise, and hold at Down control
Cowboy B button, spin control counter-clockwise, and hold at Down up