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Box artwork for Webkinz World.
Webkinz World
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Virtual pet, Web browser
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Webkinz World is an online game, which you can enter by purchasing a Webkinz plushtoy from a toy store. These toys come with special codes, which allow you to create an account on Webkinz World. Webkinz are all based on animals, and there is a large variety available, in which new Webkinz are being released and old ones retire.

There are plenty of things to do in Webkinz World; playing games in the arcade, shopping for room accessories and food in the W-Shop, or hanging out with other users in the Clubhouse.

The main currency is Kinzcash, which you can gain by playing games, selling unwanted objects, and many other possibilities. Whilst having fun, you also need to care for your Webkinz- feeding it and keeping it happy and healthy. Webkinz can get sick, so there is also a doctor named Dr. Quack. As well as all this, there is also a job agency, where you can do a job every eight hours and earn Kinzcash.

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