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Weetabix Versus The Titchies
Box artwork for Weetabix Versus The Titchies.
Developer(s)Romik Software
Publisher(s)Romik Software
Designer(s)David Byrden (ZX, CPC, D32/64),
Steve Clark (BBC)
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Fixed shooter
System(s)Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Dragon 32/64, Commodore 64, BBC Micro
ModesSingle player
TwitchWeetabix Versus The Titchies Channel

Weetabix Versus The Titchies is a Space Invaders-style fixed shooter game which was released by Romik Software for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Dragon 32 & 64, and Commodore 64 in 1984; as the name suggests, it is a promotional game for the Weetabix breakfast cereal, and it could only get acquired by collecting tokens from boxes (and sending them away) at the time of its release.


This is from the back of the cassette's inlay card, the front of which is shown in the image to the right:

The Weetabix are being attacked by the Titchies. Your job is to help them beat
off these attacks.
Fortunately the rest of the Weetabix have found a supply of Weetarockets below
the screen, so with your help Dunk can throw these up the screen to defeat the
evil Titchy threat.
© Weetabix 1984


The player must use the Z and X keys, to direct "Dunk" (a member of "The Weetabix" gang, from the television commercials of the time) left and right, with M to make him throw his missile up at the Titchies, and Space to activate his shield; however, if Dunk gets hit by a bullet fired down at him by a Titchy his shield will activate automatically and drain some of his "Neet Weet" energy (displayed on the left side of the screen). Dunk is also not automatically equipped with missiles, as they are passed up to him from the bottom of the screen by "Bixy", "Crunch", "Brains" and "Brian", the other members of "The Weetabix" gang, so you will have to direct him towards them - and the Titchies will also move in a Galaxian-like formation (in that they ascend slowly up the screen, before flying down towards the ground). Once Dunk has killed all fourteen Titchies on the current level, his "Neet Weet" energy shall get replenished for the next level; the scoring system is also one of the simplest ever seen in a video game (10x the current level's number for each Titchy). The game will continue until Dunk runs out of "Neet Weet" energy despite it being replenished after every level - and the maximum possible score that the player can get in the game is 99990 while the maximum possible level they can reach is 99.