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Every person interviewed will give a clue to the henchman's next location. Occasionally, the person will give you a second clue about the henchman's profile. These clues will always be listed second in a separate sentence than the location clue. Although the specific words given may vary, there are several key words to look out for, such as "mousey hair", which means brown hair, or a "spanner", which will mean that person is interested in auto repair.

Type Key words
Black hair Ebony tresses, Raven-haired, Black hair, Dark as midnight
Brown hair Mahogany tresses, Mouse-colored hair, Brown hair, Mousey hair
Blond hair Flaxen-haired, Peroxided hair, Towheaded, Blond hair
Red hair Auburn tresses, Red hair, Auburn-haired, Titian-haired
Type Key words
Seafood Calamari, Sashimi, Crab, Squid
Creole Gumbo, Crawfish, Jambalaya, Red beans and rice
Tex-Mex Burrito, Nachos, Chimichangas, Bowl of Chili
Southern Grits, Ham hock, Fried chicken, Black-eyed Peas
Type Key words
Baseball Tom Seaver, Mets ticket, Cubs ticket, photo of Babe Ruth
Football Raiders T-shirt, 49ers T-shirt, Carrying a pigskin, Bears fan, Seats on the 50-yard line
Basketball Knicks ticket, Dribbling, Practicing rebounds, Practicing slam dunks
Hockey Puck in his pocket, Wearing shin guards, N.Y. Rangers T-shirt, Stanley Cup
Type Key words
Gambling Lottery ticket, Racing form, Ace up his sleeve, Looking for a poker game
Spelunking Book on speleology, Hat with a lantern, Carrying a rope, Bat guano on his shoes
Fortune-Telling Crystal ball, Reading tea leaves, Tarot cards, Book of the I-Ching
Auto Repair Spanner, Fan belt, Lug nut, Wrench
Type Key words
Classical Scherzo, Mozart T-shirt, Fugue, Scarlatti tape
Country Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Banjo, Square dance
Rock David Bowie, Fats Domino, Talking Heads, The Boss
Opera Rigoletto, Pavarotti, The Ring, Aria