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When you complete a certain number of cases, you will be promoted to the next rank. Before you can advance, however, the game requires you to answer a question. Though the pretense is that you should be prepared for the rank, the true reason for this was initially for the makers of the game to make sure that you had the true version which came with the official Fodor's Travel Guide rather than simply having a burned copy of the game. However, because this game has officially been "abandoned", it is considered freeware and the question no longer has a purpose. On many abandonware sites, the program has been modified to skip this section or allow any answer to these questions to be accepted, though if the copy you have doesn't do this, below are the answers to a selection of the questions that the game may ask before you are allowed to be promoted.

State Featured on Page
Page State
141 Maine
195 Vermont
210 Delaware
217 Maryland
330 Virginia
370 Alabama
379 Florida
425 Georgia
437 Kentucky
488 Tennessee
498 Illinois
517 Indiana
524 Iowa
748 California

Last Bold-faced Word
Page Word
40 Warning
41 Customs
49 Tobacco
65 Midwest
70 Opera
77 Vinland
104 Flowerlands
118 Disneyland
119 Rodeos
169 Nantucket
243 Chinatown
264 Music
265 Nightclubs
266 Shopping
267 Toys
277 Cattleman
284 Sports
318 Sports
355 Shopping
357 Washington
385 Nightclubs
454 Natchitoches
458 Gardens
492 Memphis
504 Gardens
585 Tucson
609 Music
664 Pecos
737 Tours
739 Time
746 Hollywood
843 Chinatown