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Shooting Range is a simple shooting gallery style game, very similar to Duck Hunt on the NES - although the ducks only make a brief appearance in this game. The aim of the game is to progress through the 5 levels shooting everything except the occasional Mii Face target.


  • Platinum: 600 points
  • Gold: 500 points
  • Silver: 400 points
  • Bronze: 250 points

Basic strategies[edit]

  • Combos: You get bonus points for runs of consecutive hits, starting from five hits (i.e. hitting several targets in a row without missing a shot). You get one bonus point for each hit in the combo - so a 50-hit combo will give you 50 extra points.
  • Ducks: Listen out for the sound of a dog barking - when he barks one or two will fly across the screen.
  • Two-handed: If you've got a second Wii Remote you can use two at a time, Wild West style. This can get very confusing but once you get used to having two cross-hairs on the screen it should help your score.
  • Second player: If the second Wii Remote is in use with another Mii, the players must shoot the targets with the opponent's face on it gain more points.

Level 1 - Balloons[edit]

A very simple level to start off with. Just make sure you shoot all the balloons and the duck the flies from right to left about halfway through the level. You get more points if you burst the same colour balloons consecutively.

Level 2 - Targets[edit]

This is the only level with penalty targets on it. If you shoot the targets with the face of your Mii on them you'll lose 3 points for each one. The standard black-and-white targets are worth 1 point each but the red-and-gold targets are worth 10 points - so make sure you hit these even if it means missing a few normal ones. Note that a duck will fly across the screen during the fourth batch of targets, so listen out for that bark. It's possible to take out every target on this level so give it your best shot.

Level 3 - Clay pigeons[edit]

This level sees clay pigeons being fired from behind you, into the distance. It's important to hit them early as they are worth 5 points to start with. As they get further away, they become worth 3 points. Watch out for the pair of ducks the fly across the screen near the end of the level. They cross paths in the centre of the screen so try to wait until they cross and take them both out with one bullet.

Level 4 - Tin cans[edit]

In this round you have to play keepy-up with some tin cans. Each can takes 5 hits before it explodes and the more you hit a can, the more points you gain per shot. The first hit is worth one point, the second is worth two, and so on until the fifth and final hit which gets you 5 points. After each hit the can starts to fall faster so it is harder to hit. As in the previous round, watch out for the pair of ducks that cross the screen (and bear in mind that it's worth letting a can drop to floor if it means hitting both ducks as they are much more valuable).

Level 5 - UFOs[edit]

Probably the trickiest level because of the speed that the UFOs move. This is where using two remotes at the same time can come in very handy. The best tactic here is to just constantly keep firing at the spaceships rather trying to pick them off careful with one shot. Don't worry about hitting the Mii's, they can't get hurt, just do whatever you can to stop the aliens from carrying them off the screen. At the end of the level some gold UFO's come to take the Miis. They don't dawdle, they're faster, and they're worth more points.

You get a bonus of 10 points for each Mii that survives until the end of the level so protect them at all costs. Look out for the ducks they fly across quite early on in the level, because they are worth more points than the ducks in earlier levels.