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Table Tennis is the simplest of all the games in Wii Play. All you have to do is keep returning the ball back to the CPU player — you don't even need to play a shot, just get your paddle in the way of the ball and the rest is done for you. Of course, this also makes it one of the more boring games in Wii Play. But it is still very challenging to achieve gold medal status, let alone platinum.

You get a point each time you successfully return the ball. As you progress, the game speeds up more and more until you reach the 100 point mark. When you reach 100 points for the first time the game will end, but from then on you can play well past 100 and aim for the platinum medal target of 200 points.

  • Platinum: 200
  • Gold: 100
  • Silver: 50
  • Bronze: 20


This is a game of pure concentration. Very little technique is needed — you just need to constantly keep your eye on the ball and not lose your concentration for a second. There are a few tips to keep in mind but they won't work for everyone:

  • Don't bother trying aim your shots or hit the ball past the CPU player. It can't be done. All you need to do is keep putting your paddle in the way of the ball and the rest will be done for you.
  • Try to watch how the CPU player hits the ball and react to it. Don't try to anticipate the shots.
  • After you hit the ball, try placing your paddle back in the centre of the screen. This way you'll have less distance to move the paddle for your next shot.
  • Aim your paddle at the lower end of the screen. This will reduce the speed of the game as the ball needs to travel longer distances.