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Bowling is fairly simple to pick up. It plays out like a real bowling game where the most points you can get in a game of bowling is 300. Your skill points will go up if you get better scores on your bowling games. Be aware that in multiplayer, your opponents cannot affect you, which means that you can still lose or gain skill points!

How to play Bowling[edit]

Use the Neutral dpad D-Pad to aim left or right. Press A button to switch between moving left and right to facing left or right. When you are happy with your aim bring the Wii remote up to you then hold B button and swing back, then swing forward releasing B button when the controller is facing down to release the ball.

Spinning the ball[edit]

Spin can be put on the ball by tilting the controller on or before release.

By using Neutral dpad the directional buttons before swinging the wii-mote to bowl, you can move your character along the foul line. Pressing A button, then using the directional buttons can make your character aim their ball to the sides. Once again, experiment, and try the training exercises.

The sooner you let go of the B button button the more spin you will put on. For example if you wait for your Mii to raise the arm upwards before releasing B button then you will throw the ball and not get much spin on. However if you release B button when your Mii's arm is near the ground then you will get a lot of spin on it.

Getting a Strike[edit]

A popular technique for getting a strike is to position your Mii so as to be 3/4 of the lane to the right (assuming you're right handed, reverse if you are left handed) and angle the path of your ball left so that it will strike the first pin. When you throw the ball make sure to release it a tad late so as to avoid too much spin and this should hopefully result in a strike. Vary said technique based on personal preference.

Playing a game of Bowling[edit]

This plays just like a real game of bowling without anything changed or altered. There are ten frames in a complete game. Each player gets two throws to knock down as many pins as they can. There are ten pins, arranged in a triangle shape.

  • If you get all the pins down on your first throw, then you get a Strike and an X is marked on your scorecard for that frame.
  • If you get all the pins down on both the first and the second throw, then you get a Spare and an / is marked on your scorecard.
  • If you get a Spare the score for the next throw will be added on.
  • If you get a Strike the score for the next two throws will be added on.
  • If you get a spare or a strike in the last frame then you play throws that would normally be added on.


  • If you get three strikes in a row, then the third strike is called a Turkey and the words will flash up on the screen. Any strike after that will be a fourth, fifth, etc. If you get six strikes in a row, the words "six-pack" appear. If you get seven strikes in a row, the words "seven-pack" appear & for eight, the words "eight-in-a-row" come up.
  • If you manage to become a pro at bowling by at least getting 1000 skill points, then your ball will have a design of diamonds on it!
  • If you get your aim and throw correct then you can get your bowling ball into other players' lanes. If you do this correctly the spectators will laugh.
  • If you release the ball while your Mii is winding up (the ball is behind him/her), the ball will fly backwards and the spectator Miis will jump up and do a 360-degree spin.
  • If you get your ball in the gutter, the spectator Miis will groan.
  • Head back to the main menu and re-select your players. Before the main game appears, you will see a message that says something like "Make sure that there is nothing around you." When that message appears, push the Neutral dpad in a certain direction and press the A button button. Whatever direction you pushed will change your bowling ball a different color than the default setting.
    • Down dpad: Green
    • Right dpad: Yellow
    • Left dpad: Pink
    • Up dpad: Blue

Skill Points[edit]

As mentioned before, you can get a newer diamond patterned bowling ball if you become a pro at bowling by raising your skill level up more than 1000 points. The diamond ball is different and curves in a much different way.

You can also increase or decrease your skill level if you play the game in multiplayer.

The higher your score, the more skill points you earn. If your score is lower: your skill level may drop. The skill level can also be affected by how well you did during the game.