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It is a simple game of boxing that involves one or two players brawling it out. There are three rounds maximum, but the game will end if a player gets knocked out. A round lasts for three minutes but can speed up sometimes. To win, simply knock out your opponent.

How to play Boxing[edit]

This game is the only game on Wii Sports to use the nunchuk attachment. To control your player you basically need to imagine that the 2 controllers are your players fists.


  • You can jab by moving a hand holding the Wii Remote or nunchuk straight forward.
  • Another way to jab is to make a forward snapping motion with the Wii Remote or nunchuk, as if you were cracking a whip.
  • To do an uppercut, swing the Wii remote or nunchuck upwards from your stomach.
  • To do a hook, swing your arm in an arc to the left or right with the Wii Remote or nunchuck. It doesn't work all of the time, though.


  • Be sure not to punch until your onscreen character appears ready to punch again. The amount of time it takes your character to be prepared to punch again after punching is different if you hit, and is different depending on the punch (a jab takes less time than an uppercut). When you learn the timing, you will rarely make the mistake of making the punching gesture without actually getting your boxer to punch.
  • If you think you are timing your punches correctly and they still aren't being launched accurately with your own, try pulling your fist back slightly before punching. This will make the punch much more likely to register.


There are two forms of blocking in this game. One blocks shots at your head, and the other blocks shots aimed at your body.

  • To block punches aimed at your face, hold your fists close together and put them in front of your face as a real boxer might do.
  • To block bodyshots, keep your fists tight together but hold them down by your stomach.


Lean your body left, right or back to dodge punches. This can also be done by simply moving the Wii Remote and nunchuk together in these directions if you are not feeling very energetic. The second method is also faster.

  • If you dodge a punch you will often notice that the game slows down briefly and makes a "whoosh" sound effect. This is the indicator that you can throw a counter-punch. If you throw the correct kind of punch during that window, it will deal extra damage. You will know if you made a counter-punch by the loud slamming sound coming from the wiimote speaker. A properly aimed counter cannot be dodged, making it invaluable against skilled opponents. An improperly aimed counter will either miss completely or bounce harmlessly off your opponent's glove.

Knockouts (KO)[edit]

There are basically two ways to score a KO against your opponent. The most common way is by repeatedly knocking down your opponent. Each time they are knocked down, the chance they will get up again decreases, and if they do get up, their maximum health will be two units lower than before. The other way is much faster, but also more difficult. The more punches you land in a row without missing before a knockdown, the less likely they are to get up again. To get up from a knockdown down, motion the Wii Remote and Nunchucks as if you are jabbing in an alternating motion.

Play Modes[edit]

  • Single Player mode - One player versus one computer opponent. How skilled the computer opponent is depends on your skill level.
  • Two Player mode - Battle against another human player. It's a free-for-all for both players and whoever knocks out the other opponent wins the match.


If a fight 'goes the distance' (nobody gets knocked out during the three rounds) it will be decided on points. The points system seems to be based entirely on knockdowns—for example, if you knocked your opponent down twice in round one but he only knocked you down once, then you win round one; if you both knocked each other down once in the round, you tie that round. If you win a round you get a point, and if you tie a round both players get a point. Then the player with the most points wins the fight.

If you both knock each other down in a round, or neither of you does, often the round will still be decided in favor of one player or the other. This is done based on health level.


Some of the opponents are the same people who play other sports such as baseball and tennis.

Once your amount of points gets around 1520 you will get to face Matt (The Boxing Master), if you defeat him you get his silver gloves! You can put on the silver gloves by pressing 1 during the black load screen time.

Skill Points[edit]

The only way of improving your skill level is by playing the game in single-player mode. It doesn't get affected in multiplayer. If you win, your skill level will increase and the computer player will be tougher the next time around. The more times you get knocked down in a fight, the fewer skill points you will earn. The higher your skill level, the larger this penalty is. The maximum number of points you can earn for each fight is 76. It is possible to win a match yet still lose points.