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Golf, at first, is difficult to grasp. It is also difficult to keep score. The game has a grand total of 9 holes; 3 for each difficulty level. There are 3 difficulty levels; Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert modes. You have 4 clubs to use. They are the driver, iron, wedge and putter.

Learning to play Golf[edit]

First, look at the map in the right hand corner. This shows the direction the ball will travel. You can change this direction with the Left and Right directional buttons. You can change your club by pressing the Up or Down button.

Now, to hit the ball. Hold the remote sideways, like a golf club, but so the buttons are facing away from you. Hold A button, and keep this held. Raise your control like a golf club, and then strike the ball. The power indicator shows how hard you have hit the ball. If it goes red, and bends to a direction, it will overshoot, and go that way. Careful and sensible use of force results in less power. Wind is shown the top left, showing power and direction. There is no easy way to judge how much by, but counterbalance using power and direction. With practice, it becomes second nature.

Next, when you are near a hole, press 1 button. This should show you the slope of the land. Take this into consideration, and counterbalance accordingly. Also, press 2 button to kneel down and look along your ball to the hole. Keep trying if you fail, and don't worry about the score. Soon, with luck, you'll be potting shots with ease. Experiment, and learn from your mistakes, and you'll master golf.


Each course has a par count. This is the expected number of strokes it takes for to get the ball in the hole with basic shots. If it takes more strokes than the par shows, the overage will be added to your score. One above par is called a bogey, two above is double bogey, three above is triple bogey, and after that it goes into +4, +5, etc., until you're forced to give up that hole. If you take less strokes than the par shows, then they will subtract that many strokes from your total. One shot below par is is called a birdie, two below is called an eagle, and three below is called a double eagle, or an albatross. The lower the number, the better. If a shot goes out of bounds or worse, drops into the water hazard, you must hit again from the same spot, with one penalty stroke being added. At any hole, if you hit the number of strokes that's 3 times than par, you're automatically forced to give up that hole, scoring +6, +8 or +10 on your overage and 9, 12 or 15 on your scorecard.

Pars for each course[edit]

The pars for each of the nine courses is listed below:

  • Hole 1: 4 strokes
  • Hole 2: 3 strokes
  • Hole 3: 5 strokes
  • Hole 4: 3 strokes
  • Hole 5: 5 strokes
  • Hole 6: 4 strokes
  • Hole 7: 4 strokes
  • Hole 8: 3 strokes
  • Hole 9: 5 strokes

Layout for each course[edit]

Each course was taken out of the NES game Golf, only now they are in 3-D. There are different fields of the course. Some can hamper your progress, as it is easier to go over your power gauge if you're in the rough or stuck in the bunker. To go further without messing up, stay away from these places.

The green is where the hole is. The game will automatically put your club as the "putter." There is only one spot on each course and that is where the hole is. It is always soft here. Always aim for this spot, regardless!


Sometimes if you're very far away, but then you hit the ball very close to the hole, the audience will gasp in amazement. You can only hear their expressions but it does add some excitement to the game.

You might be able to get the power meter near the top without going over. If you do this, you will hear the announcer say "Nice Shot!"

If you hit the flag with the ball before the ball goes in the hole, you will get the "Chip-in" message but not much else.

Hole-in-ones are rare and are usually achieved on Par 3 holes, but it is also possible (although very risky) to perform a Hole-In-One on Hole 7, a Par 4 hole.

Skill Points[edit]

Getting a Pro in Golf doesn't give you additional rewards like some of the other games, but you might be able to get some very valuable bragging rights from your friends!

Golf is only one of the two sports where you can affect your Skill Point level in multiplayer. (The other being Bowling.) So, even if you're showing people your mad skills, they can still rise and drop!