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Medal requirements
Bronze Medal 5 pts
Silver Medal 7 pts
Gold Medal 10 pts
Platinum Medal 10 pts (no mistakes)

Here, you must putt your golf ball with your club into the hole. Use both the 1 & 2 Buttons to change the view and to see the elevation of the green. You have 5 chances to finish all 10 holes.

The concept is simple. The ball will always roll towards the lower elevation. If you push the ball up a steep hill, the ball will slowly roll down the hill if you don't give it enough strength. The elevation will always affect where the ball will end up so pay close attention to it if you want to win without messing up. To get the Platinum medal, your play must be perfect.

Hitting the Green[edit]

Medal requirements
Bronze Medal 492.1 ft. left
Silver Medal 246 ft. left
Gold Medal 164 ft. left
Platinum Medal 65 ft. left

You must aim for the green on this next session. The object is not to get the ball into the hole, but to get as close as you can to the hole. When the ball finally stops, the game will add the distance remaining to your total. The lower the number, the better. If the ball is off the green, the game will automatically add 100 ft. (30 m.) to your total, regardless to where the ball lands. If you can get it in the hole (a "Chip-In"), nothing will be added to your total.

Pay attention to your map and try a couple of practice swings before you actually hit the ball. On some swings, you must go over "into the red" on the strength meter in order to make it to the green. It shouldn't be necessary to change clubs most of the time. There are 10 courses in this session and it will take many tries before you can get the higher medals.

  • Hole 10: Use the iron club and swing near the first mark to get good results.

Target Practice[edit]

Medal requirements
Bronze Medal 200 pts
Silver Medal 400 pts
Gold Medal 600 pts
Platinum Medal 800 pts

Two targets are visible. The one furthest away is easier to hit but it holds less points around its edges. Between 10 and 100 points are available on this target. There is also a smaller target floating in the water near you. It's closer but it is also a riskier shot because it is easier to miss. There are between 25 and 75 points available on this target. You have 10 shots to try to get a high score and wherever the ball first bounces, that is the number of points that is added.

Pay attention to your wind meter that is located on the top right corner of the screen. This will affect how the ball will travel while it is in the air. If the wind speed is blowing from the East, then aim the ball a little to the right and vice versa. The same also goes if the wind direction is pointed North or South. This determines how hard you should hit the ball.

The only way to get the Platinum medal in this session is to aim for the back target and get at least 800 of the total 1000 possible points.