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Returning Balls[edit]

Medal requirements
Bronze Medal 12 pts
Silver Medal 25 pts
Gold Medal 50 pts
Platinum Medal 80 pts

A computer-controlled player is on the other side of the net, serving and tossing tennis balls at you. Your job is to hit the ball so that it goes over the net and hits inside the tennis court.

Do not worry about where you are. The person moves towards every ball served, so focus on the ball rather than on you. Also, do not focus on where the ball goes after you hit it. Hit the ball at the right time to make the ball go straight. After ten serves, you move closer to the net, which means you must be quick to hit the balls that go over the net. Once you've hit five balls up close, then you go back and hit ten more at a regular distance. The pattern repeats itself every 15 serves. As you get to the harder parts of the game, the server speeds up and tosses more at you than ever before. You lose at the very first mistake you make, so watch out.

Timing Your Swing[edit]

Medal requirements
Bronze Medal 7 pts
Silver Medal 15 pts
Gold Medal 30 pts
Platinum Medal 50 pts

Like before, a computer controlled player will toss the balls at you and you must hit the ball so that it goes over the net. But there is a catch now. Not only must the balls go over the net, but they also have to go through a special orange forcefield as well. As you progress, the forcefield you must get the balls through will get narrower and narrower.

Timing your swing is very important now. If you're right-handed, the balls will come at you at the right side. If you hit the ball early, it will travel closer to the left side of the court. Hitting it late will make the ball go towards the right. If you're left-handed, everything mentioned above will be opposite. You lose at the very first mistake you make, so watch out.

Target Practice[edit]

Medal requirements
Bronze Medal 5 pts
Silver Medal 10 pts
Gold Medal 20 pts
Platinum Medal 40 pts

This mini-game is frustrating and it shouldn't last very long. Targets will appear on the wall and your goal is to break the targets with the ball. You only get one ball. You begin by serving the ball and breaking the first target. But the wall is not indestructible! If you hit the same place with the ball multiple times, that part will turn darker until a hole appears.

If you do the same tricks on "Timing your Swing," you should do okay. You shouldn't be swinging too early or too late or you won't be able to run to the ball fast enough! You also shouldn't stay in one place either. You should volley the ball off the wall and strike the target. As you progress, the targets will move from one side to the other which can be tough if you damaged the wall already. You lose at the very first mistake you make, so watch out.