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The walkthrough is divided into seven pages. The first five pages give information on the five sports that are available for play.

The Tennis section details everything you need to play; all the modes, all the plays, and even all the shots you can make. Learn how to become a pro at tennis and take on the computer, the right way!

Trying to becoming a pro in America's classic game? Learn how to become a pro in the major league in the Baseball section.

Are you missing those pins? Do you seem to be an expert in rolling the ball down the gutter? Then, we are here to help! Check out the Bowling section to learn how to put the moves on your bowling skills.

The Golf section provides detailed information on how to play, and the courses. If you are stressed because the ball didn't go where you wanted, then check out this section.

The last game you can play is the most intense game in Wii Sports. But with all the punches and the moves you can make, how can you be sure you are picking the right moves? In the Boxing section, you will find how to make the hard hits hurt and how you can dominate each match.

The Training section provides information on how to play each of the fifteen games, and get the best scores in each. It even shows you the requirements for getting those hard-earned medals!

Have you looked at the Wii Fitness section, but not sure how to play? This is the section for you. It gives you a complete breakdown info on all the cool features you can do!