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Wizard of Wor cpanel.jpg
  • Joystick: Use the joystick to direct your Worrior in each of the four cardinal directions. You can continue to travel in any direction until you reach a wall. The joystick in the arcade is pressure sensitive. If you move the level lightly, you can reorient your Worrior without moving him. In order to move the Worrior, you need to press the joystick in a direction all of the way. This feature is not present in early home conversions.
  • Fire: Press the fire button to shoot your gun. You can only fire your gun in the direction that you are currently facing. Only one shot from your gun may appear on the screen at one time.
  • 1 or 2 players: Press either button to start a one or two player game.



Wizard of Wor Worrior Blue.png
Wizard of Wor Worrior Yellow.png

These Worriors represent the blue and yellow squad which you control. Player one controls the yellow Worrior squadron on the right side of the machine, while player two controls the blue Worriors on the left side. If no second player is present, the computer directs the blue squad in order to aid the yellow. Both squads share the same abilities and vulnerabilities. They will lose a man if they are shot or touched by any enemy. They can even be shot by another Worrior, so be sure to steer clear of one another when firing your weapons. Nothing pleases the Wizard more than death by friendly fire. Each Worrior has limited control as to when they decided to send a new man into the dungeon. After one Worrior dies, the next Worrior has ten seconds to voluntarily enter the maze at the most convenient time before they are forced in.


Wizard of Wor Burwor.png

The Burwor is the simplest of all the Wizard's creatures. They cannot render themselves invisible, and they aren't particularly bright. They wander the maze somewhat haphazardly. Every dungeon starts out with 6 Burwors. Except for the earlier stages, every Burwor that is defeated results in the appearance of a Garwor.


Wizard of Wor Garwor.png

Garwors are more lethal to Worriors than their blue Burwor cousins. In the first stage, only one Garwor will appear when the last Burwor is destroyed. In the second stage, two Garwors appear whenever the last two Burwors are shot, and so on until the sixth stage when a Garwor replaces every Burwor on the stage. Garwors will become invisible and can only be seen whenever a Worrior occupies the same corridor as a Garwor. Every Garwor that gets destroyed is replaced by a Thorwor, on every stage.


Wizard of Wor Thorwor.png

Thorwors are the strongest and nastiest of all the Wizard's creations. They exist solely for the pleasure of killing and eating Worriors. Like Garwors, they are invisible on the screen until a Worrior is in the same corridor. They are, however, visible on the radar at all times. Take them out quickly. Destroying them will not result in any replacements appearing until the very last one is destroyed.


Wizard of Wor Worluk.png

The Worluk happens to be a favorite pet of the Wizard. Starting on stage 2, the Worluk appears only after every Burwor, Garwor, and Thorwor have been destroyed. It is extremely fast, but not incredibly brave. It is more interested in escaping the dungeon without harm than fighting and killing the Worriors. It will not hesitate to kill a Worrior, however, should one cross its path on the way to the exit. Killing the Worluk results in a special bonus for the Worriors. All point values in the next dungeon will double. The Worluk is the key to earning high scores.

Wizard of Wor[edit]

Wizard of Wor Wizard.png

The Wizard of Wor is ever present in the form of a voice throughout the game. However, sometimes your success in a dungeon will drive the Wizard to make a personal appearance and kill one of the Worriors in order to satisfy his lust for destruction. The Wizard is indeed powerful, capable of teleporting all over the dungeon at will, often disappearing immediately after firing off a bolt of lightning at you, before you can ever fire a shot off in return. He likes to trick you by warping behind you and shooting you in the back, but he will occasionally pop up right in front of you. With each teleport he tends to get closer and closer to one of the Worrior until either the Worrior dies or he gets shot. Should he get shot, he will instantly vanish out of the dungeon and recuperate from his loss before challenging you once again. Ultimately, he can never be defeated.


Burwor 100 points
Gurwor 200 points
Thorwor 500 points
Shooting the
other Worrior
1000 points
Worluk 1000 points + Double Score for Next Dungeon
Wizard of Wor 2500 points + Double Score for Next Dungeon

If the Worluk and the Wizard are both killed in the same dungeon, the next dungeon's point values are only doubled once.