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The logo for Wizardry.
Year introduced

Games from the Wizardry series. The main nine titles (Wizardry 1-8 and Nemesis) were developed in the United States, all the subsequent games were made in Japan. Only a few Japanese Wizardry games were localized in English.

Two series (made in the United States) are heavily based on Wizardry, to the point that one could wonder why the authors of the first titles were not sued for plagiarsim: The Bard's Tale and Might and Magic. On the other hand, the authors of the first Wizardry did plagiarize an older PLATO game, titled Oubliette.

Main series[edit]

The series was ideated by Robert "Trebor" Woodhead and Andrew "Werdna" Greenberg. They made the entirety of the first four entries. After they both left the company, David Bradley became the main author starting from Wizardy 5.

  • The original Llylgamyn saga:
    • Wizardry 1 consists of a single dungeon on 10 floors; Trebor is the lord that assigns the quest, and Werdna is the enemy.
    • Wizardry 2-3 are actually expansion packs for the first game, each of them consisting of an extra dungeon of six floors.
    • Wizardry 4 features a different gameplay: the party consists of ready-made characters; also, shops and inns are absent.
  • The Dark Savant saga:
    • Wizardry 5 is the first Wizardry by David Bradley, but its gameplay, interface, and graphics are identical to those of the first three.
    • Wizardry 6-7-8 consitute a trilogy of games; the first two are by David Bradley.
    • Wizardry Nemesis is a single-character dungeon crawl; it was released before Wizardry 8.
Game First release Most advanced port
Llylgamyn trilogy
Wizardry 1 1981: Apple II 1987: NES
Wizardry 2 1982: Apple II 1990: NES
Wizardry 3 1983: Apple II 1986: MS-DOS
Wizardry 4 1987: MS-DOS N/A
Wizardry 5 1988: Apple II 1992: SNES
Wizardry Nemesis 1996: MS-Win N/A
Dark Savant trilogy
Wizardry 6 1990: MS-DOS
Wizardry 7 1991: MS-DOS
Wizardry 8 2001: MS-Win


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