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Wizardry 1 Floor 6 map.png
Wizardry 1 map legend.png

Visiting this floor via the stairs and attempting to find the location of the downward stairs to the level below can be a difficult experience. It would appear that this floor is arranged in a 17 × 17 grid, but you should be aware by now that all floors are contained in a 20 × 20 grid. Three of the rows and columns may appear to be missing, but the entrance to them is simply hidden.

There are no events to concern yourself with on this floor. There are few random encounters here and there are even a fewer number of rooms with guardians than usual. More powerful enemies appear on the WonderSwan version than ordinarily found in the original versions, including EARTH GIANTS, LESSER DEMONS, and WILL O' WISPS.

NES Floor 6

Note that the NES/Famicom versions has an entirely different map layout, shown to the right. This version places the Up stairs on the outside, making it possible to access the middle portion of the floor through a one-way passage. Return to that staircase is impossible without casting MALOR. The only turntable lies in the center crossing passage. None of the notes shown below apply to the NES map.

Up Stairs (E8-N8)[edit]

The stairs from Floor 5 appear in the "center" of the level.

Down Stairs (E9-N18)[edit]

It can be difficult finding the stairs which lead down to Floor 7. Be careful of the Pitfalls found in the rooms on either side of the steps.

Elevator (E10-N0)[edit]

This is the second elevator which requires the BLUE RIBBON to make use of it. You can use it to visit floors 4 through 9.

Pits (E8-N18, E10-N18)[edit]

The only two pitfalls on this floor are found on either side of the stairs which lead down to the floor below.

Rotating Floor (E12-N11, E13-N4)[edit]

The two turning floors are located near shortened hallways. If you have the spell of LOMILWA cast, you may be lucky enough to determine your new direction simply by looking down the hallway to determine its length or features.

Comment 1 (E13-N14)[edit]

The only way to actually access this single point on the map, is to cast MALOR and teleport into it. Once you're inside, there is absolutely no escape from it, not even a one-way secret door. If you teleport here and suddenly find yourself unable to cast MALOR a second time to get out, your party will be trapped here, and they will be in need of rescue from someone else.