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Wizardry 1 Floor 8 map.png
Wizardry 1 map legend.png

One look at the map for this floor will clearly illustrate the appearance of the letters R, J, and W, which happen to be the initials of game author Robert J. Woodhead. If you came all the way down here by stairs, your ability to return to previous floors by stairs will disappear. You will have to rely on the private elevator, or cast MALOR.

Additionally, if you arrived by stairs, you will arrive in a miserable place, a section loaded with rotating floors known as the "Dance Hall." If your only means of escape is to walk, you will have to wait until you luck out and land on a warp tile that sends you into a regular section of the level. You might also get lucky and discover a secret one-way door along the north wall, but don't count on it.

There are no important events on this floor, only very powerful monsters which you can battle against for greater experience. You must also be careful not to attempt to cast MALOR to escape from battle on this floor, as there is any likelihood that you may teleport into the three columns of solid rock on the east side of the level, where your party will be forever lost and impossible to restore.

NES Floor 8

Note that the NES/Famicom versions has an entirely different map layout, shown to the right. The map is divided into four major sections, with a central square that is loaded with warps too and from each corner. None of the notes shown below apply to the NES map.

Comment 1 "Dance Hall" (E0-N0)[edit]

When you arrive here through the steps from Floor 7, you will be trapped in this location with no means of returning to the floor above. All around you is a field of rotating floors, making escape from this section a frustrating experience.

Elevator (E10-N0)[edit]

This is the second elevator which requires the BLUE RIBBON to make use of it. You can use it to visit floors 4 through 9.

Warp Zone 1 (E6-N0) ⇒ w1 (E5-N5)[edit]

Warp Zone 2 (E11-N5) ⇒ w2 (E3-N18)[edit]

Warp Zone 3 (E11-N15) ⇒ w3 (E14-N19)[edit]

There are three warps located on this floor. The first is located near the exit of the dance hall, and it does not contain a rotating floor. The second warp is located on the opposite side of the arrival point from the first warp and returns you to the center of the dance hall. The third warp is located in a separate darkness zone that sends you to the middle of the darkness just as soon as you enter.

The Rock Zone (E17-N0 - E19-N19)[edit]

The three east-most columns of this floor are made entirely of rock. If you accidentally teleport into this area, your party will die and be lost forever. Use the spell MALOR, or the MALOR CROWN with extra care on this level, and never use it to escape from battle.