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Wizardry 1 Floor 9 map.png
Wizardry 1 map legend.png

Once again, you can see the image of three letters imposed in the map, this time A, C, and G, standing for the initials of the second author of Wizardry, Andrew C. Greenberg. Unlike other floors, there is absolutely no staircase leading to Floor 9. You must arrive via the private elevator.

Your goal on this floor is a chute located just steps away from the elevator. It is the only means of reaching the bottom level of the maze, where Werdna awaits because attempts to use the spell of MALOR to reach Floor 10 all fail.

The floor itself contains nothing else in particular, other than many occurrences with strong monsters who deal high levels of experience points, making it an ideal place for training before you tackle the final floor. You should not attempt to go beyond this floor until you are sufficiently experienced to level 13 or beyond. TILTOWAIT is an invaluable spell that you should wait for.

One thing to note is that the NES/Famicom version of this game appears to be missing the "A" portion of the map, containing only the C and G sections.

Warp Zones (E0-N0 - E19-N19)[edit]

Comment: 1 (E1-N1)[edit]

You shouldn't normally have access to the area outside of the "G" portion of the map, but if you happen to find yourself out there, you will wind up in a place loaded with teleportation tiles. Each of these tiles will send you all the way back to Floor 1. For some reason, however, there is a one-way door that will return you to the maze. The problem is you won't be able to kick it open because you will be whisked away first.

Elevator (E10-N0)[edit]

This is the second elevator which requires the BLUE RIBBON to make use of it. You can use it to visit floors 4 through 9.

Comment 2 "The A-room" (E5-N12)[edit]

The only way to reach the rooms occupied by the letter A is to teleport inside. Otherwise, it is inaccessible. There is no real reason to visit it other than to explore it and map out the entire level. A secret one-way door is the only means of escape from this area.

Chute (E8-N2)[edit]

This chute is the only way to reach the bottom level of the maze, Floor 10. It is obviously a one-way trip. When you step on the chute, you will receive a message, and then be whisked away to the south-east corner of the floor below. Do note that in the immediate vicinity of the landing site, there is a warp zone that will take you back to the castle, providing you with a quick means of resurfacing.