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  • Legend:
    • Healing: spells that can be cast anytime.
    • Field: spells that can be cast outside combat.
    • Support: combat spell that target allies.
    • Disable: combat spell that target enemies and have special effects different than just damage.
    • Attack: combat spells that simply deal damage to enemies.

Priest Spells[edit]

Priest spells can be used by the Priest (NES Cleric), as well as the Bishop (NES Wizard) and the Lord.

L Name Translation Type Target Description
1 BADIOS Harm Attack One Monster Causes 1d8 (1-8) points of damage to a monster
1 DIOS Heal Healing One Character Restores 1d8 (1-8) points of health to a party member
1 KALKI Blessings Support Party Reduces the armor class of all party members by 1 during combat
1 MILWA Light Field/support Party Summons a softly glowing light that increases vision and reveals secret doors
1 PORFIC Shield Support Caster Lowers the armor class of the caster by 4 during combat
¤ Level 2 ¤
2 CALFO X-ray Vision Field Caster Caster can determine the trap on a chest is 95% of the time
2 MANIFO Statue Disable Monster Group Causes some of the monsters to become temporarily paralyzed
2 MATU Blessing Support Party Lowers armor class of all party members by 2 during combat
2 MONTINO Still Air Disable Monster Group Silences the air around a group of monsters, making it impossible for them to cast spells
¤ Level 3 ¤
3 BAMATU Prayer Support Party Lowers the party's armor class by 4 in combat
3 DIALKO Softness Healing One Character Cures paralysis, and cures the effects of MANIFO and KATINO
3 LATUMAPIC Identification Disable Monster Group Tells you exactly what the monsters really are
3 LOMILWA More Light Field/support Party A more powerful MILWA spell that lasts the entire expedition, but gets terminated in darkness areas
¤ Level 4 ¤
4 BADIAL More Hurt Attack One Monster Causes 2d8 (2-16) points of damage
4 DIAL More Heal Healing One Character Restores 2d8 (2-16) points of health
4 LATUMOFIS Cure Poison Healing One Character Removes the effects of poison
4 MAPORFIC Big Shield Support Party Lowers the party's armor class by 2, and lasts for the entire expedition
¤ Level 5 ¤
5 BADI Death Attack One Monster Attempt to kill one monster
5 BADIALMA Great Hurt Attack One Monster Causes 3d8 (3-24) points of damage
5 DI Life Healing/field One Character Causes a dead person to be resurrected. If it works, character has only 1 hit point and decreased vitality. If it fails, dead character is turned to ashes.
5 DIALMA Great Heal Healing One Character Restores 3d8 (3-24) points of health
5 KANDI Locate Soul Field Caster Gives the direction of the person the party is attempting to locate, relative to the position of the caster
5 LITOKAN Flame Tower Attack One Monster Causes a pillar of flame to strike a group of monsters, doing 3d8 (3-24) points of damage
¤ Level 6 ¤
6 LOKTOFEIT Recall Field Party Causes all party members to be transported back to the castle, minus all of their equipment and most of their gold
6 LORTO Blades Attack Monster Group Causes sharp blades to slice through a group, causing 6d6 (6-36) points of damage
6 MABADI Harming Attack One Monster Causes all but 1d8 (1-8) hit points to be removed from a target
6 MADI Healing Healing One Character Causes all hit points to be restored and cures any condition except death
¤ Level 7 ¤
7 KADORTO Resurrection Healing/field One Character Restores the dead to life, and restores all hit points, even if the character is ashes. However, if the spell fails, the character is permanently lost.
7 MALIKTO Word of Death Attack All Monsters Causes 12d6 (12-72) hit points of damage to all monsters

Mage Spells[edit]

Mage spells can be used by the Mage, as well as the Bishop (NES Wizard) and the Samurai.

L Name Translation Type Target Description
1 DUMAPIC Clarity Field Caster Informs you of the party's exact position from the stairs to the castle
1 HALITO Little Fire Attack One Monster Causes a fireball to hit a monster for 1d8 (1-8) points of fire damage
1 KATINO Bad Air Disable Monster Group Causes most of the monsters in a group to fall asleep
1 MOGREF Body Iron Support Caster Reduces the casters armor class by 2 for the encounter
¤ Level 2 ¤
2 DILTO Darkness Disable Monster Group Causes one group of monsters to be enveloped in darkness, lowering their defense
2 SOPIC Glass Support Caster Causes the caster to become transparent, thus reducing their armor class by 4
¤ Level 3 ¤
3 MAHALITO Big Fire Attack Monster Group Causes an explosion in a monster group, doing 4d6 (4-24) points of fire damage
3 MOLITO Spark Storm Attack Monster Group Causes sparks to damage half of the monsters in a group for 3d6 (3-18) points damage
¤ Level 4 ¤
4 DALTO Blizzard Attack Monster Group Does 6d6 (6-36) points of cold damage
4 LAHALITO Torch Attack Monster Group Does 6d6 (6-36) points of fire damage
4 MORLIS Fear Disable Monster Group Causes a group of monsters to fear the party, twice as powerful as Dilto
¤ Level 5 ¤
5 MADALTO Frost Attack Monster Group Causes 8d8 (8-64) points of cold damage
5 MAKANITO Deadly Air Attack All Monsters Kills any monsters of less than 8th level (about 35-40 hit points)
5 MAMORLIS Terror Disable All Monsters Causes all monsters to fear the party
¤ Level 6 ¤
6 HAMAN Change Support/disable Variable Has random effects, and drains the caster one level (see below).
6 LAKANITO Suffocation Attack Monster Group Kills all monsters affected by this spell; some monsters are immune.
6 MASOPIC Big Glass Support Party Reduces the armor class of the entire party by 4
6 ZILWAN Dispel Attack One Monster Will destroy any one undead monster
¤ Level 7 ¤
7 MAHAMAN Great Change Support/disable Variable Does something random, stronger than Haman. Drains the caster one experience level, and is forgotten when cast (see below).
7 MALOR Apport Field/support Party Teleports the party randomly within the current level when used in melee, but when cast in camp, you can decide exactly where you want to go. If a party teleports into stone it is LOST forever, so the spell is best used in conjunction with DUMAPIC.
7 TILTOWAIT Explosion Attack All Monsters Does 10d10 (10-100) hit points of damage to all monsters.


These spells can only be cast by a character whose level is 13 or higher. The caster appeals to the gods for help, consuming 1 experience level. If the gods help, one of many things can happen:

  • Target the party:
    • Augmented magic: spells cast by the party will cause (or heal) more damage.
    • Cure party: this will cure the entire party of all status ailments.
    • Heal party: MADI is cast on the entire party.
    • Protect party (MAHAMAN only): reduces the armor class of all party members by 20 for the remainder of the encounter.
    • Raise the dead (MAHAMAN only): dead characters are brought back to life with the DI spell.
  • Target the enemies:
    • Silence enemies: all of the monsters will be silenced, unable to cast spells.
    • Teleport enemies: all of the monsters that you face will be suddenly teleported away from battle.