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Anyone that has ever played a FPS (First Person Shooter) before should have no problems with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. For players new to FPS, it is not recommended to start playing this game immediately, as there is no tutorial in the game. The player has to learn everything from the readme or by experience.

The game is divided into two campaigns, which more often than not, cycle through. The game tracks which side has lost which battles, and at the end of every campaign the side with the most battles wins the campaign (though this does, in the end, nothing). The campaign then switches to the second, and the cycle repeats.

For more information, see the Walkthrough page for special mapwide game elements, including Command Posts and Team Doors.

Maps can be scripted relatively easily in Wolfenstein, and as such it is impossible to cover every map in existence. This guide, therefore, will resort to covering the maps that came with the game.

With the Controls section covering how to control your character, the Classes section available to help you pick the right class in the right situation, and the Ranking page to let you know where you stand, this guide will help you become a seasoned team player. While some things can be learned only by experience, this guide will provide a heads-up for new players, a review for experienced players, or an idea of what the game is like to non-gamers.