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Please note: This is Round 9 in the Arcade version of Wonder Boy in Monster Land and the PC Engine version of Bikkuriman World.

Part A[edit]

WBML Stage10 a.png
A Shield
B Armor
  1. This stage is as deadly as it is short. You will begin on the right side of this ice cavern, and must make your way to the left side where the boss door is waiting. All the while, you must carefully navigate jumps from one slippery ice pillar to the next without falling off into the lava below. If you happen to fall into the lava, you may be surprised to find that the entire bottom is lined with springs, at least providing an easy means to get back up on top of the platforms.
  2. Enemies await you throughout various sections of the cave. A Vampire greets you after the first series of pillars. You encounter Strong Bats throughout the next set of platforms. Snakes are situated on the platforms beyond. And Jellyfish pop out of the lava before the end of the first part! Although some of these enemies can provide you with money or useful items, your best bet is to escape through this section as quickly as possible.
  3. If you happened to bring some money with you, this stage can serve as an mall of hidden shops. You'll find four shops in this stage, two in the first section, two in the last. You'll have to push up at each platform to locate them. In this section, you can purchase shields and armor. But make sure that the platform and the surrounding area is clear of enemies before you attempt to find them. Entering a shop can help you stop sliding on the ice.

Part B[edit]

WBML Stage10 b.png
C Shoes
D Shop
  1. In this next section, you can expect to encounter Death not once, but twice. You can defeat him with one hit if you have a good sword, but be careful to approach him slowly or he will slam into you and knock you off the ledge you're standing on into the lava below.
  2. The large platform in the middle of this section contains a crab. It is easy to defeat, but hard to avoid sliding into. Even if you avoid contact with it, the bubbles may push you over the side if you're not careful. The final path to the door has platforms with octopuses and snakes. Charge through them as fast as you safely can to make your way to the final pillars.
  3. The two shops in this section sells Shoes, and special weapons. If you have any money left, you may want to pick up the next level of shoes. You can also stock up on special weapons for the difficult boss fight at the end of the stage.
  4. When you reach the boss door, a Poverty will appear. It is best to avoid dealing with him by sliding into the door as soon as you arrive.


WBML enemy kong snow.png

If you thought the regular Kong boss was difficult, wait until you meet Snow Kong. Rather than throwing boulder-sized ice cubes, he tosses snow apes around, and they toss ice cubes at you! (In the SMS version, the Snow Kong continues to throw boulders instead.) Up to three snow apes can help the Snow Kong at one time. While you should focus your attack on the Snow Kong, it is inevitable that you will have to focus some of your attention on the snow apes as well. Between the Snow Kong, three snow apes, and the ice cubes they toss around, the action on the screen will get rather chaotic rather quickly. All that you can do is hold your ground and try to remain in control of Wonder Boy as much as possible while attempting to stab the Snow Kong as frequently as possible. Special weapons will help, but only to a certain degree; many of the snow apes will absorb their effects.

Upon defeating the Snow Kong, which is no small task and nearly impossible without Medicine, he will drop eight money bags for you to collect before immediately advancing on to the next round.

Hidden items[edit]

Arcade/PC Engine[edit]

  • To the left of the boss door, jump on the small platform and jump into the ceiling three times to make three coins appear. Be careful when Poverty appears.

Sega Master System[edit]

  • None are known at this time.