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Woody Poco
Box artwork for Woody Poco.
Japanese titleうっでいぽこ
Release date(s)
MSX2 icon.png MSX2
NES icon.png NES
System(s)NEC PC-8801, Sharp X1, MSX2, Famicom
TwitchWoody Poco Channel

Woody Poco (うっでいぽこ?) is a fantasy action game about a pig. It was developed by DB-Soft and first published on the NEC PC-8801 home computer platform in Japan in 1986. It was later released on additional computer platforms such as the Sharp X1 and MSX2 in 1987. Because of the popularity it attained, it was brought to the Famicom, where it was slightly altered. The game is considered rather difficult. The player must defeat enemies to earn money in order to buy weapons needed to defeat more enemies. If the player does not save up enough money early on in the game, it can be extremely difficult to successfully proceed through later stages in the game where the enemies become tougher and the weapons more expensive. The player can steal weapons from shops, but is then branded as a thief for the remainder of the game. This game was never translated into English or released outside of Japan.

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