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Beginning a new game[edit]

World Court mode selection screen.png

Insert one credit to begin a one player game against the computer, or two credits to play the game with another player. If you begin a single player game, you are taken straight to the player selection screen. However, if you begin a two player game, you will proceed to the mode selection screen shown above, where you must decide between a Singles match (P1 vs P2), or a Doubles match where both players play together on a team against a pair of computer controlled players.

On the player selection screen, each player has 20 seconds to choose one of the twenty players available for both him or herself, as well as th choose which of the players they will face off against under the control of the computer. After all of the players have been selected, you must make one final selection of the court surface.

Location New York London Paris
Image WC New York Court.png WC London Court.png WC Paris Court.png
Surface Hard: The ball will bounce just as high and travel just as fast when it bounces. Grass: The ball won't bounce as high, but it will travel just as fast. Clay: Both the height and speed of the ball are reduced when it bounces.

Finally, you must decide whether the match should be 1 or 3 sets long. Once you do, a female commentator will make some announcements about the match before the game begins. You can press any button to skip this and go right to the match.

Playing the game[edit]

World Court start of match.png

Every point in the game begins with one player serving the ball to the other. At the start of a new game, Player 1 always serves first. You can bounce the ball if you push your joystick down. Press either button to throw the ball into the air, then press it again to make them hit it over the net with their racket. Pressing the left button will serve the ball with the normal amount of force and require less precise timing to successfully hit the ball over the net. If you press the right button, you will hit the ball harder, but you must be more careful about when you swing your racket.

For a serve to be successful, it must fly cleanly over the net, and land inside the box on the opposite half of the court from where you served. If the ball hits the net but goes over to the opponents side, the game announces レット! (Let!) and the server gets to retry the serve. If the ball fails to go over the net, or lands anywhere outside of the target box, the game will announce フォールト! (Fault!) and give the server another chance. If the serve is bad a second time, the game announces ダブルフォールト! (Double Fault!) and a point is awarded to the opponent.

Once the serve is successful, both players attempt to return the ball to the opponent's side of the court by hitting the ball back with their racket. Choose whether to hit the ball with normal or hard force, and use the joystick or direction pad to guide the ball in order to increase the difficulty that your opponent will return the ball. If either player fails to return the ball, or hits it into the net or outside the court boundaries, the opposing player gets a point. Hitting the ball out will cause the game to announce アウト! (Out!). Note that the two thin rectangle areas on the edges of the court are only considered in for a Doubles match. During a Singles match, these areas are out of bounds.

Points are awarded in the following fashion: 15, 30, 40, Match Point. A player must have at least two more points than the opponent to win the match. If both players receive 40 points, the game will announce デュース (Deuce). Then a player must win one point to earn "advantage" and a second point to win. If both players earn advantage, the Deuce resets and both players lose advantage. Winning the match will earn the player one match point. A set concludes when one player earns 6 match points. Players switch service after every match. After the first match and every other match thereafter, the game announces チェンジコート (Change court) and both players switch which side of the net they play on.

After each match point, the scoreboard is shown, and both players are present, either in a good mood for having won, or a bad mood for having lost.

Match conclusion[edit]

World Court end of match.png

After either of the players (or teams) has won six matches, your game will immediately end if you choose a 1 set game. If you chose a 3 set game, the screen will cut to the female commentator, who announces the start of the second set before you must choose between つづける ( Tsuzukeru?, Continue) and やめる ( Yauru?, Quit). If you wish to continue playing, you must insert another credit before choosing the Continue option. Even if you insert another credit, you must press the Start button within 10 seconds to continue. Otherwise, the game will end.

When the game does end, either by failing to continue or reaching the conclusion of the sets, both players' (or teams') number of points, first service percentages, number of service aces, number of double faults, and number of miss shots will then be displayed on the screen. Then the game returns to Attract Mode.