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During this cutscene we are introduced to two siblings, who find themselves awake at the top of a large as-of-yet unnamed building. The camera gives some very nice shots of a pretty cityscape, and as the siblings approach the edge of the building, a mysterious voice says "It's time to wake up", after which we see the siblings fall off the edge.

We then regain focus on The Brother, lying in his bed, waking up from a nap and stating that he must get to work.

Nine Wood Hills[edit]

After the cutscene finishes, make your way through the plaza towards the only currently available exit, North Promenade. Head towards the coffee shop at the end for another cutscene.

During this cutscene we see there is a Mysterious Customer in the shop, and after The Brother serves her, The Sister barges in, yelling at him. We find out The Brother's name is Lann, and The Sister's name is Reynn, who then points out the weird creature on Lann's head, whom Lann still doesn't notice. Lann points out there is a customer, after which Reynn drags him outside to make him aware that there is nobody here, which Lann doesn't find odd at first until she points out that the entire plaza is empty. The Mysterious Customer exits the shop, and introduces herself as Enna Kros. Reynn asks her why the streets are empty, and Enna Kros informs the twins that the world has always been empty, that this is a world without time. She also informs the twins that she has been checking up on the two of them, and this is the first time they've actually been more than blank stares. She points out Tama, the mysterious creature on Lann's head, who then introduces herself. Tama tells the twins that they are "Mirage Keepers", born to work miracles, and the marks on their arms are proof. Apparently, the twins used to command a whole legion of Mirages, living illusions of creatures from other worlds, so powerful that even the Pleiad, the seven strongest Mirages, would answer to them. Tama then says she needs to re-teach you how to use Mirages, and presents you with her Prismarium, a magical cube that traps and calls Mirages to fight for you.

After the cutscene, Lann gets thrown into battle with a Yurugu, and Tama runs you through the basics of combat. If you've played any of the earlier Final Fantasy titles you should recognise that the combat system is very reminiscent of the ATB style combat. There is an action bar on the left side of the screen, and when characters reach the top of the bar, their turn arrives.

This Mirage is currently uncatchable, and you wont be seeing it again until much later, so just smack it around until Tama says she has seen enough.

After the battle ends, Enna Kros says that you two have lost all your memories and experience, and then catches herself and says that of course it would have happened when you and this world were spliced out. Enna Kros then takes the twins to the Nine Wood Hills Gate, and tells them that it is a Gate to Grymoire, and everything they have lost can be found within. The Twins step through the gate, and the real game finally begins.

Mirages in Nine Wood Hills
Name HP Fire Ice Thunder Air Water Earth Light Dark Poison Confusion Sleep Blind Oblivion Berserk Slow Death Imprism
Yurugu 296 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 -25 0 -50 -25 0 0 0 50 Unimprismable
Treasure in Nine Wood Hills
Found Acquisition
Prismarium (Tama) Story item.
Yurugu Prism Secretly acquired during the tutorial fight with Yurugu.