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Drool "Welcome back"[edit]

  • Goal: 10 goos
  • OCD: Collect 24 or more goos.
  • Goo Types: Water, Ivy

Create a long chain from the top until you start waking the ivy. Once you do, create an ivy structure near the top, which you drop into the water below. Place your spare goo balls here, inorder to make them easy to manage.

Next, build an ivy structure slowly to the syphon to the left.

Fly Away Little ones "Multi-terrain hover mobile"[edit]

  • Goal: 4 goos
  • OCD: Collect 12 or more goos.
  • Goo Types: Plain, Water, balloon

Pull the initial structure up with the balloons, and move the structure to the right. To do so, float it with three balloons, and quickly move balloons from the left to the right of the structure.

On the right, you will get access to both plain goos (which can't bond with the strucuture) and water goos. Move your structure-wheel above the syphon and create a chain down to collect the goos.

Blustery Day "here come the windmills"[edit]

  • Goal: 9 goos
  • OCD: 18 goos
  • Goo Types: Water, Balloon

You need to build a water chain over the spinning windmills, and to the pipe on the right.

Welcoming Unit "please wipe your feet"[edit]

  • Goal: 36 goos
  • OCD: 61 goos
  • Goo Types: Ivy, Balloon, Plain

You need to get the plain goos past the security system.

The outer security system can be bypassed by raising the outer scraper with three balloons. To get goos into the main area, place ivy goos to allow plain goos to attach.

Once you snuck all goos into the main area, use all available balloons to raise the structure to the exit.

Beauty School[edit]

  • Goal: 16 goos
  • OCD: 21 seconds or less.
  • Goo Types: Ivy, Beauty Ball, Balloon

First, raise the upper goo tower with the two balloons. When the beauty ball rolls down, break the ivy chain, anduse an ivy goo to reach the red pipe exit.

Leap Hole "it's not a bug, it's a feature"[edit]

  • Goal: 6 goos
  • OCD: Finish in 13 seconds or less.
  • Goo Types: Ivy

With the three loose ivy goos, build a path to the pipe. Separate all but two goos from the pipe, and move the remaining goos into the upper area.

Volcanic Percolator Day Spa "bubble up"[edit]

  • Goal: 12 goos
  • OCD: Finish in 30 or fewer moves
  • Goo Types: Common, Ivy, Beauty Ball

You can only collect the Beauty Ball goos on this level.

To win, there are two things to do:

  • Move the beauty ball to the top by building the tower. Each goo will push the ball upward before it is shredded by a gear before returning to the main goo structure.
  • Collapse the upper tower; a quick way to do it is to have a goo make contact with the flower on the left.
  • Build a small tower to the red pipe.

Whistler "learn how!"[edit]

  • Goal: 20 goos
  • OCD: Finish in 29 seconds or less
  • Goo Types: Water, Plain

This is the first level where the whistle is required, and it is used by holding down PC Mouse Left Click.png without a goo selected. The whistle will attract any available goos which would otherwise try to move as close as possible to the pipe.

You have a metal beam held at the top with Goos, and is covered with plain goos. Since you can't grab or make structures with this, you need to collect the water goos. Hold PC Mouse Left Click.png to attract the plain goos to the left, to alert the water goos. Pickup two water goos, and have them create a chain to the exit pipe on the right.

Beauty and the Electric Tentacle "how did she get up there?"[edit]

  • Goal: 16 goos
  • OCD: 29 goos
  • Goo Types: Balloon, Beauty Ball, Albino, Water

The objective is to move the beauty ball to the far right by building a water chain across the ravine.

For OCD, put any remaining water goo balls into the exit ramp. You will need 9 extra goos, which includes one of the albino goos.

The Red Carpet "get ready for the close up"[edit]

  • Goal: 10 goos
  • OCD: 45 or fewer moves
  • Goo Types: Albino, Beauty Ball, Ivy

The Beauty Ball needs to be sent to the right.

First, you need to setup the ivy bridge on the right-side of the map. At the very least, build a stable platform that allows the beauty ball to either be caught or rolled into the right piping.

Next, you need to build a tower on the left using the albino goos. This will weigh down the scale below, causing the red carpet to extend and causing the beauty ball to roll downward. If the ball doesn't enter the area to the right, push it in with any remaining Ivy Goos.

Once the beauty ball breaks up, build the tower to the red pipe.

The easiest way to obtain OCD is to exploit a loophole in the level. Instead of building the tower, throw a goo above the red carpet so that it comes close to the beauty ball. Then, pickup the goo, and throw it against the red carpet do that it begins to lower.

As shown in the video, advanced players may also want to exploit physics glitches to throw the initial goo tower against the red pipe, as well as to throw an albino goo against the beauty ball to ensure it reaches the pipe without the need for an initial bridge.

Genetic Sorting Machine "some balls are prettier than other balls"[edit]

  • Goal: 8 balls
  • OCD: 24 or fewer moves
  • Goo Types: Beauty Ball, Ivy, Balloon.

Your objective is to get the beauty balls to the top by moving them to the cylinger that matches their icon. The "greater" beauty ball is moved to the right, and it has a slightly different colour than the "lesser" beauty balls which are moved to the left.

Once you have sorted the beauty balls, the ugly ones will form a bridge at the bottom area. The beautiful one will be caught in a ivy rope. Tear the two ivy ropes apart, and the remains of the beautiful ball will be sent to the top.

Raise the hand with the balloons and the beauty balls will enter the red pipe.