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Hello, World[edit]

  • Goal: 4 goos
  • OCD: 9 seconds
  • Goo Types: Digital, Common

Fling a digital goo to the right. Once the blocks awaken, build a path to the exit.

Bulletin Board System[edit]

  • Goal: 4 goos
  • OCD: 13 goos
  • Goo Types: Digital, Common

Fling the digital goos down to the structure below. Fling them through the two gears (when they are at the top-right corner, try aiming directly between the two gears, they should hit the first block), then throw them over the final spinning gear.

Build the path to the exit.

Note that gravity pushes your goos to the west rather than down.

Grape Vine Virus[edit]

  • Goal: 4 goos
  • OCD: 13 goos
  • Goo Types: Digital, Red

You first need to bring a digital goo into the red area below. Then, throw them upward to build a chain.

For best effect when climbing, throw them with a high arc.

For best effect when attaching a red goo to the chain, wait until is half-way and starts swinging towards the red goo. This helps minimize horizontal speed.

OCD requires the exact number of red goos to be used, and has no room for any goos killed by the gears.

Graphic Processing Unit[edit]

  • Goal: 6 goos
  • OCD: 12 goos
  • Goo Types: Digital, Red

The gravity is towards the center.

Fire a digital goo around the central globe, aiming for the red goos at the back. Once you do so, start making a chain from the red goos at the link to the south. Once you build a chain of three, you can send your remaining digital goos to the exit. The digital goo only attaches to the red chain; the inert part of the chain isn't usable.

One possible tactic in aiming the red goos is to aim horizontally, and then aim towards the center at a lower velocity to build the chain.

Road Blocks[edit]

  • Goal: 4 goos
  • OCD: 22 moves (including block moves)
  • Goo Types: Common, Plain, Solid blocks

The task is simple: build a bridge across the gap. The easiest method is building a block tower, and using the goos to build a bridge that crosses the chasm.

Graceful Failure[edit]

  • Goal: 4 goos
  • OCD: 36 seconds
  • Goo Types: Beauty, solid blocks

Without having your beauty goos fall to the side, throw away the stone blocks underneath.

Alice and Bob and the Third Party[edit]

  • Goal: 30 goos
  • OCD: 42 goos
  • Goo Types: Red, Digital, Solid Blocks

Use the long stone blocks to seal off the spinning gears. Then use the square blocks to build a tower to the top.

The Server Farm[edit]

  • Goal: 4 goos
  • OCD: 24 goos
  • Goo Types: Common, Plain

Build a balanced tower to the exit pipe in the top right corner.

This server only has a 99.9% uptime guarantee; as such, building a lop-sided tower will cause the platform to tilt and throw away the goos if it leans too far to one side. If necessary, you can build around one side of the platform to prevent it from falling off in one direction; however you still need to reach the pipe on the top-right corner.

MOM's Computer[edit]

  • OCD: 15 modes

You are in a desktop. Not much you can do with the common goos as they are contained within a window.

However, you can build a tower of games if you want. Head high enough and you can scroll past the top of the desktop. To complete the level, click on Shortcut to MOM.

Go through the dialogue options as desired. The first two choices are mostly flavor, while the last option will advance the plot, eventually sending an email to the World of Goo Corporation. To unlock the final level, you will first have to visit the World of Goo headquarters to accept the subscription.


  • OCD: 7 moves

The undelete pill will fall down, but is blocked by obstacles.

Throw a digital goo into the red flame to have it catch fire. It will shortly explode, taking out any nearby blocks. A burning goo will also try to ignite other burning goos as well, and can even cause a chain reaction allowing the undelete pill reach the bottom of the tunnel.

The final obstacle is a web of common goos. Since you cannot use any of the goos above (they are automatically destroyed), you need to throw a goo on the left to the lower dangling tail. When the tail swings to the right, shoot the goo upward into the flame, and have it bounce into the net. The undelete pill will be free to hit the bottom.

The World of Goo Corporation is upgraded once again.