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Infesty the Worm[edit]

  • Goal:4 goos
  • OCD:16 goos

Your tower is initially hanging between two platforms. To move it across, you need to attach the four balloons on the left of the tower to pull it up. Then, gradually lower it by moving the balloons back.

In some cases, the tower doesn't extend to across platforms. While you can extend the distance slightly by rocking the tower back and forth (by repeatedly moving balloons on the left-side of the tower), you may need to expend goos to reach the next platform.

Horizontal Transportation Innovation Committee[edit]

  • Goal: 8 goos
  • OCD: 40 goos

Your objective is to build a bridge to the platform to the right, starting with the tower on the left. Note that the tower is anchored by a hinge that can cause the tower to swing once it becomes unbalanced.

The length of the gap is close to the height required to nearly reach the sign above the starting location. Once the tower is high enough, topple the tower to the right (using a balloon in the bottom left corner if necessary) to have it land on the right platform.

Other tactics include:

  • Building down and to the left so that the goos will burst on the spikes, and attaching the balloon after it detaches from the main structure. Detach and re-attach the balloon to move it to the right, where it will eventually reach the suction cup.

Weather Vane[edit]

  • Goal: 6 goos
  • OCD: 42 goos

Your objective is to build a tower and a bridge over a spinning windmill.

The tower first needs to grow upward. When you collect the balloons, you need to have them support the bridge over the windmill as you reach the exit.

Observatory Observation System[edit]

This is the final level. Attach the Goos floating in the water to the telescope to complete it.