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In the chat history window messages of other players and also some game events will be displayed. You can toggle this window by pressing W. If the history window is disabled chat messages will no longer be sorted by channels but they will be shown in order of incoming. You can also choose a smaller font if the standard chat font is too big.

The chat is divided into several channels:

  • Vicinity: Channel used to talk to people in the immediate area you are sailing.
  • Nation: Channel used specifically for people in your chosen nation to talk, only players from your nation can see this chat.
  • Tavern: Where people from all nations can talk about various things inside the game.
  • Newbie Help: A channel for new players to seek assistance from more experienced players.
  • Market Place: Talk about trading prices to other players or find out any trading hot spots. Also players can offer own things to other players.
  • Off Topic: For all other chat about issues not related to the game.
  • WOP/Server: There are some more channels for in-game event messages. These channels cannot be disabled and also it is not possible to write messages into it.

All opened channels will be shown in the top area of the history window and can be selected there too.

If you want to type a new chat message press the enter key. The chat input window will appear in which you can type your message. Press the right mouse button over this field to open the channel window. In the channel window you can select if you want to listen to a channel (illustrated by an eye) and you can also select in which channel you want to speak (illustrated by a mouth). With the "/chatchannelname text" command you can post a message in a different channel without opening the channel window first.

Through the chat you can use several more game commands, a list of all available commands can be found in the appendix.

Common chat commands[edit]

  • /help [command] - Show list of all commands or detailed information about a special command.
  • /echo on/off - Enable/disable the display of the input chat command in the chat history.
  • /playername message - This is how you send a private message to another player.
  • /r text - Replies to the last person who has sent you a private message.
  • /buddy "name" - Add a player to the buddy list or remove him from the list if he was already on it.
  • /ignore "name" - Add a player to the ignore list or remove him from the list if he was already on it.
  • /sendpostobuddy "name" - Send your current position as waypoint to a player, who has to have you on his buddy list and vice versa.
  • /setwaypoint "description" - Set your current position as a waypoint.
  • /addwaypoint X Y "description" - Add a new waypoint to the list at the given coordinates.

Commands for custom chat channels[edit]

  • /ccjoin "channel name" - Enter or create a custom chat channel. On "private" channels a join-request will be forwared to the current operator of the channel.
  • /ccprivate - Current custom channel will be set to "private", other players needs invitation to enter.
  • /ccpublic - Current custom channel will be set to "public", other players can enter without invitation.
  • /ccleave - Leave the current custom channel.
  • /cclist - Show all players in the current custom channel.
  • /ccoperator "player name" - Give your operator rights to another player.
  • /ccinvite "player name" - Invite a player into a private chat channel.
  • /cckick "player name" - Remove a player from a chat channel.

Commands for teams[edit]

  • /teamcreate - Create a new team.
  • /teamjoin "team name" - Join into a team.
  • /teammembers - List all team members.
  • /teamkick "player name" - Remove a member from the team.
  • /teaminvite "player name" - Invite a player into the team.
  • /teamleader "player name" - Defines a new leader for the team.
  • /teamleave - Leaves the team you are currently in.

Commands for clans[edit]

  • /clancreate tag "Long name of the clan" - Create a new clan. The tag is limited to 5 chars and brackets are added automatically. The long name is shown on captured cities and on the highscore-page.
  • /clanjoin "tag" - To create a joinrequest to a clan identified by the tag. To submit the request to the leader of the clan he does not have to be online.
  • /clanleave - Leave the clan you are currently in.
  • /clanick "player name" - Kicks a member of the clan. Only the clan leader can use this command.
  • /clanvoteleader "player name" - Initiates a vote for a new leader of the clan. Clan members can vote by going to the Clan screen. Must be a unanimous decision.