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This guide will try and help new players to understand the basics.

How do I use the in-game chat to a maximum?[edit]

When you are in a town, you can see the chat window, then you can click on the channels to switch them. If you sail on the water, the chat window disappears, but you can get it back if you press C.

If someone sends you a private message, you can answer the last private message you received by typing: /r msg

To type a private message to someone type: /username msg (where username is the nickname of the person to whom you are sending a message (without the clantag), and msg is the actual message).

To type in a different channel then the one you are in at the moment type: /channelname msg (where channelname would be the channel in which you want to post the msg).

To get a list from users in the channel you are currently in type: /cclist

There are more options available in the in-game chat. If you want to see a list type /help in the gamechat.

In any chat channel, you can type /sendpostobuddy playername, which sends a waypoint of your current position to the player called playername. This only works if the target player has you in their buddy list.

To add someone to your buddy list, type /buddy playername. If you then want to remove someone from your buddy list, just type the same command again.

I lost my ships/specialists/gold what do I do?[edit]

If you are in a clan, first ask in the clanchannel if there is anyone online who can help you with new ships/specialists/gold. The clan should be there to back you up in those situations, so do not hesitate to ask. If no one is online or there is no reply, you can try asking on the nation chat. Ask if there is anyone around that might be able to help you, most of the time you get a reply. If nothing happens, then it is suggested that you keep on sailing or log and try again later on, or send a private message to other friends to see if someone is near.

What’s with this clanbank?[edit]

The clanbank is only used to pay for the soldiers clans hire to protect their cities. If anyone member of a clan captures a city, the salary of the soldiers is paid from the clanbank.

City captures[edit]

To capture a city, first, determine your target. The things you have to check are: does it have forts (if so, how many) and what nation (for you need someone inside to count soldiers/supply cannonballs).

Few sorts of towns available:

  • Towns without a citywall or forts (2000 men, 100% damage, will be shot down fast)
  • Towns with citywalls, without forts (2000 men, citywall protects some fire, will take longer to shoot down)
  • Towns with forts. Each fort represents 2000 men. so a town with one fort is 4000 men (because a basic town already has 2000 men so 2000 + 2000 = 4000) and one with 2 forts is 6000 men etc. Be warned Forts fire back and are very powerful. So do not lay in front of it, some towns can sink a Wg with just ONE full hit.

For a town with 2000 men you need to have 2500+ (team) crew to have a chance of getting it. for a 1 fort town 5000+ etc.

Once you have determined the location and nation of the town, you have to check supplies. In case you are trying to capture a fort, you cannot enter the fort once you shoot on it, but you need loads of ammunition to shoot it down. Also with a forted town, you need one person to be able to go in and check the number of soldiers inside. (make sure you check war status, even someone with positive reputation points cannot enter enemy forts)

If you fight with a team, the team HAS TO BE LEVEL 12!!!! to be able to teamfence it. You start by shooting the town crew down to 500-650 with SHATTER.


When you shot the city down, the one with the highest fence level (or agreed otherwise by team) starts to fence the town (make sure you empty all your cargo except a few t of food, since you can load up the towns stuff, and you don’t want to miss 40t of luxuries e.g.). If he himself has more crew then the town he starts to fence alone. If he has less crew or equal, all the crew members join at once.

Run up to the governor and try to get the free stabs (read fencing guide on wop forums) and then fence until he hits crying OR if you have less health, block until he starts crying.

At this point you have to warn your team members to join the fence. (hint: if you tell them to join as soon as they see you speech icon appears, the only thing you have to do is hit enter and then they will know they have to join. this is easy to do during a fence)

Then you have to check the number of crew you get extra, and when it shows all the crew your team has, you stab the governor and after maximal 3 stabs he will bend his knees and you have won the fight.

There is always a chance the governor will run, this means you can loot the town, but you cannot change its nation. I think the more crew you have the more chance of taking it.

Once you have succeeded the city capture, the once who fenced the town will become the governor of that town. To access the governor information, go to the town's governor and then click city information.

Things you can change:

  • Deposit/withdraw money to the city's bank (this is not needed, but gives extra +revolting points)
  • Hire/Fire soldiers to hire soldiers, put in an amount of soldier and press hire button (there's a single fee for every soldier for hiring it. The costs are for the owner of the city. He/she pays a one time fee of 100 gold for every soldier he/she hires. The rest of the salary is paid from the clanbank.

City loyalty: The only way to make a city loyal in this game.

After a city capture, you will be able to choose the new nation of the city. It cannot be the same nation as it was before so you have to pick a new one. Once you done that, you will put in x amount of soldiers. They cost 100 gold / wopday. This will be taken from the clanbank is there's a clan backing up the town. Else the owner pays for it. After time depending on the amount of soldiers put in the town will become loyal. The soldiers however will still cost money.

How to create and manage a team[edit]

If you want to capture a city you are going to need a team with teamlevel 12.

To create a team: Right click, team/clan - create team

You will become teamleader of your newly created team. Now to raise teamlevel the team should have at least 2 members in it. To invite someone:
/teaminvite username
to kick someone:
/teamkick username
To see who is in the team:
To make some1 else teamleader ALWAYS DO THIS IF YOU GO AFK (EVEN FOR 5 MINS)
/teamleader username

What is the best way to raise nav/weapon/fencing/trade level[edit]


  • Sail in black waters. Do not be lazy and just keep on sailing big distances, even if not in black.
  • Explore all towns. The % of map you have explored gives a very nice bonus (500x%=extra navigation points). If you want to know how to sail as fast as possible with the wind you have read this guide

Weapon skill: Shoot on war galleons gives the best weapon points. Try to aim and get all cannonballs to hit. One cannonball that hits gives you two points.

Fencing: !read fencing guide on wop forums! The best way to raise fencing is to be with 2 people. Go to a town where a ship type spawns (as capture-job) you both can handle. Each take one job and go to the nearest spawnpoint (ask in nation if anyone knows where). There you each fence the each other's job ONE TIME ONLY! When the fence is finished, let the ships escape out of sight, and there it is again you can keep on doing that unlimited.

Trade level: This is hard and boring. when you trade between your own nation, you get 1 trade points for every 20t cargo sold with profit. If you trade with other nations, you get 1 trade point for every 12t cargo you sell with profit. so best thing to do is trade with other nations. Try to make some other nation friends and see if they know good trade routes. English noob area is a good place to trade. (!!!Only one gold profit needed to get max trade points!!!)

Submitted by animalxl: I'd like to add something to the Little Newby Guide topic about the getting trading skills. 1) Deliver Goods jobs are a good indication that there is lack of a particular good in the city, hence you can sell these goods with profit and get trading points (as long as you don't take the job!). 2) Nevis area is a good place for trading. There are many towns close to each other and there is much production in many towns. 3) It's good to know that a town only produces when there is a pc in town. 4) Food is always good for trading (buy around 5 gold). Just make sure your crew don't eat away your profit and trading points, so fish, fish, fish!

Unwritten game rules I should know![edit]

1: If you find a lot of ghost ships of any type anywhere (it’s an indication someone is near, could be an enemy of course) and you want to have one, ASK ALWAYS ASK NEVER JUST TAKE!!!!!!! (they always belong to a player who ghosted them) usually they will allow you to take a certain ship, if you just take a ship you are stealing it, they might sell it for 100k each. Usually when they see you stealing a ship you will be fenced or rafted or shot. Ask in vicinity....

2: Be nice to everyone, also to your in game enemy's. They are real people too, in real life they might be very nice. Always better to make friends in game then enemy's.

3: If someone tells you he has a FAIR cannon fight with someone you want to raft very badly, you WAIT until the cannon battle is over and the enemy repaired, then you do whatever pleases you.

4: Do not use cheats, even if someone tells you you can sail faster bla bla, it’s not worth getting banned for.

The Quickbar[edit]

The quickbar is the bar on top of your screen in which the icons or e.g. anchor and raiselower sails are.

You can customize the quickbar e.g:

If you want to send your position to the same player many times I would recommend to create a short cut in your quickbar.

How to create a shotcut in your quickbar? if you don't see your quickbar press q

You should see the quickbar and some icons: (from left to right) - raise /lower anchor (alternate press p) - raise/ lower sails (or up/down key) - steering wheel ( or left/right key) - action modes (trade, cannon, fence, ignore or 2,3,4 and 1) hitting cannon or fence twice takes safety away - carpenter on /off (maybe inactive if you don’t have a carp on board otherwise indicating also the number of carpenters) - fishing on / off (appearance is the same as with carps) - lighthouse icon set a waypoint on your CURRENT position, to designate a spawn point or nav buoys etc (u can rename the waypoints otherwise the coordinates are the name)

now finally: 3 empty fields in your quick bar.

- right-click on one of them. - check 'chat command' - name: enter the name of that icon here: for example Evil Blackbeard - chat command: /sendposition evil blackbeard then click ok and voilà, there is your newly created button.

Now you should see an icon with the given name in it in quickbar and every time u click it .. your position is sent to the respective player.

3 custom icons not enough? press 'shift' key to get a new quickbar (empty)

Still not enough ? press Ctrl to get another one.

omg i hope it makes sense and is as helpful as the initial post. and i m glad making a custom shortcut is done faster than explaining it. [This was submitted by La_Salle]

What are spawns?[edit]

Spawns meaning a point where ship of a certain ship type appear. You have spawn that are only sloop/pinnace then you get barq/fluyt spawns and the big one there spawn frigate, fast galleon, Spanish galleon and war galleon. If you find a spawn near a town, it might be handy (depending on the type of spawn) to set a waypoint there. (/adwaypoint xx.xx xx.xx (where x is the northern and southern coordinates)

Getting started with WoP[edit]

First thing you do in wop is visiting the governor in the town you start. He will give you a mission and you will be in a computer controlled sloop heading for the next town. if you want to make some money, right bottom of screen you can do jobs on the ship.

To find the governor: Go into town (right/top) then click on governor.

To find the job list in town, go into the town en click city information. Then you will find the button that says: Jobs. You can browse through the jobs if you click on the job type (deliver letter, smuggle letter etc.)

If you just start out, first thing you need is more navigation skill and some cash. Do deliver letter jobs in your starting area. If you smuggle letters or goods, you will get a pirate chasing you. So until you can sail more sloops don't do smuggle. Capture/destroy missions will get you strong enemy's. Be aware of that. When you get up to navigation 8 or higher you can sail a new ship. Maybe you can try to do smuggle jobs at this point.

The specialists mystery[edit]

Specialists play an important role in WoP. They add skills to your skills and make sure your crew is fed and kept happy. After a while the specialists will pay deathlessly loyal to you then they won't leave you if you end up on a raft. (BUT THEY WILL IF YOU DON'T HAVE MONEY ON BANK OR IN HAND!!!!!!!!!!!)

Specialists needed:

Type of specialists/ Max skill Mate +7 nav (add 7 to your navskill) Mate 1.8 nav bonus (the speed in knots you get extra) Mate 4.8 Min speed (the minimal speed you sail when wind facing you) Medic 4.9 (speed you are being healed after a swordfight) Carpenter 30% min repair Carpenter 94% Max repair Carpenter Class 9 Repair (what ship type can you repair) Carpenters 9.9 ap/min (speed of repairing) Soldier +7 fence skill (add +7 to your fence skill) Soldier 4.9 morale bonus (keeps crew happy during fence) Cannoneer +7 weapon skill (add 7 to your weapon skill) Cannoneer 198 Range bonus (range of your cannons) Cannoneer 19 Firepower (how much damage your bullets cause) Cook 4.9 (Morale bonus during sailing) Lookout 1029 Visible range bonus (how much of map you see) Lookout 1029 Identification bonus (when you can identify ship type and owner)

For the specialists goes the following. Always try to get the max of everything. The 94% carpenters are very rare, but a 92% will do fine.

Carpenters: Carpenters stack. The repair speed increases if you get more and more carpenters. But you need only one for ship class, min and max repair%. You cannot have enough 9.X ap/min (9.5,6,7,8,9) carpenters. Try to get as much as possible and make them loyal.

Cooks: For cooks goes the same. They stack. The more cooks the more crew you can keep happy. Gather as much as possible with 4.7 or higher skill.

Fisherman: The only important skill of a fisherman is how much fish they can catch at full sails. Fishermen also stack up, so get as much fisherman with 4 at full sails as you need. (Buy 10 food and go out and sail and watch the food supply, if it goes down, you need more fishermen)

From the rest of the specialists you need only one of each. They will not stack.