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The options are divided into several topics:


  • Language: Select your preferred language.
  • Resolution: like in the configuration tool you can change resolution, color depth and display refresh speed while the client is running.
  • Window transparency: The windows in WoP are slightly transparent to allow the player to follow the game flow in background even with opened windows. You can select, if the windows should be transparent and the intensitiy of the transparency.
  • Clouds: Toggle display of clouds.
  • Rain: Toggle display of rain.
  • Animals: Toggle display of animals (fish, birds etc.).
  • Ship waves: When the ships are moving they create waves. Select, if you want to see all waves, your own ones only or no waves.
  • Cannon smoke: Display of cannon smoke and cannon ball smoke. Select, if you want to see all smoke, only smoke of your cannons or no smoke.


  • Volumes: Choose your preferred volume from 0% (soundless) to 100% (max. volume). The music volume will be used for playing music. The effect volume will be used for effects like cannon shots and set sails etc. The ambient volume regulates background sounds like weather, working in the shipyard or activities in the pub etc.
  • Play sound when in background: If this option is activated sound effects will be played too when the client window is in the background. This can be useful if you want to use another program but will be informed about certain warning sounds.
  • Chat messages sound: When you receive messages from other players a special chat sound effect will sound so you will be informed about new messages. Deactivate this option if you don't want the sound to be played with new messages.
  • Skil gain sound: Plays a sound every time you get points in any skill.


You can assign your own keys to most actions. For a detailed list of keys please read the controls page.



  • Count of chat rows: If the chat history is activated, you can select how many chat rows will be displayed at the same time.
  • Automatic chat window: With certain events the chat history window can open and close by itself. E.g. it will be opened, if you enter a city and it will be closed if you leave a city. If you don't want the chat window to opened/closed automatically disable this option.
  • Small chat font: If the default chat font is too big you can switch to a smaller font. Thus more text can be shown in the chat window.
  • Change channel with "/channelname": Choose, if the shown channel should be changed if you use the "/channelname" chat command.
  • Badword filter: If this option is enabled certain bad words from other players will be filtered from the chat and will be replaced with ***.
  • Sword help: If sword help is active, a small arrow will show in which position you hold your sword (head, torso, legs).
  • Show own name: Normally your name will not be shown on sea or in lists in the city. Activate this option if you want your name to be shown.
  • Enter/Leave messages of buddies: You will receive a message if a buddy from your list enters or leaves the game.
  • Auto target of new enemies: If you haven't selected a target the next enemy who enters your range will be selected as the target.
  • Show target info as window: If this option is enabled a window with detailed information about the actual target will be shown.
  • Select ghost ships as target: Allows you to target ghost ships


  • Show names of enemies: Shows enemies names at sea.
  • Show clan of enemies: Shows enemies clan at sea.
  • Show action mode of enemies: Shows if the enemy is in ignore, trade, fencing or cannon mode.
  • Show nation flag of enemies: Show a flag with the nation of the enemy.
  • Show skill progress as points: By default the skill progress will be shown as a bar in the statusbar popup. If you want to see the exact numbers, activate this option.
  • Show "New messages" hint: If you receive a new message from the game a small letter blinks in the bottom left corner with the hint "You have x new messages". If you only want to see the letter symbol without the hint then deactivate this option.
  • Low food warning: If this option is enabled, you will receive a warning message if the food stock runs out. Also you can adjust how much food should be left when you receive the message.
  • Low morale warning: If this option is activated you will receive a warning message if the morale of the crew is too low. Also you can adjust at which morale value you will receive the warning.
  • Auto save game in cities: Automatically saves the games when entering some cities. If you disable this you can trigger a save with the command /savegame.
  • Navigation help (LED): Turns on/off the green LED that shows if you are using the wind effectively.


  • Font colors: Change the color of the various text messages in the game. Channel names, player names, GM messages, etc.


These settings are only for the current selected character.

  • Show help hints: On the top border of the screen some hints with important information will be shown. Deactivate this option if you don't want to see these hints.
  • Buddy Auth mode: Authorization mode when someone requests you as a buddy. It will either ask you, always accept, or ignore the request.