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Go to the Client and Patches download section of Download the WOP internet installation tool

Save the file. Run it. Next through the installation, the defaults should be fine. It'll take a few minutes to download the game files. ~65 MB. When the Auto-Updater loads you can see how many players are online. Important links give you fast access to the WOP forums and the FAQ to ease the introduction.

You should look through the Options. Eventually you'll want to set your resolution as high as you can stand it, to see enemies further out on your screen. Start the game when you're ready.

Creating a character[edit]

If the connection was successfully established the start menu will open.

  • Create new char: Create a new character. Give him a name, select a nation and the gender. Every account can have up to 3 characters at a time.
  • Select a char: Choose a character from your existing ones which you want to play. Additionally you can see some details about your selected character.
  • Char quickstart: In this free place later a button will appear which has the name of the last played character. If you click this button you will enter the world with this character immediately without the need to select something.
  • Delete a char: If you don't need a character anymore you can delete it. But please notice: The deletion process cannot be undone, you have to confirm the action.
  • Options: Change several options to customize the client depending on your preferences. These options can also be changed while playing.


Note: Since you will receive important equipment during the tutorial it is necessary to finish the tutorial successfully.

At the beginning of the tutorial you will meet an assistant of the governor who will provide first information and ask you to meet the governor. The governor gives you the task to deliver a letter to a near city. A ship for your travel will be prepared. While you are on sea you can become familiar with the statistics and also you can read the online help. When you arrive at the destination city you will get a ship and the support of a navigator.

With it the tutorial is finished and you can explore the world on your own.

In the city[edit]

After you have finished the tutorial you will begin the game in the port of a city of the chosen nation. Every one of the standard nations (Spain, Holland, France and England) has 3 or more starting cities. A new character will not start in the same city every time. Some information about the start cities are already available in your documents

In port you can chat with other players in the best and safest way because you cannot be attacked in cities. In the top left corner there is a button you can use to leave the city and in the top right corner there are two buttons to enter the Town and the harbor. In the harbor you can moor your ships for a small fee if you don't want to take all your ships on your travels.

In Town[edit]

Town is the most important place in WOP. Here you can meet the governor, trade with the merchant, hire new crew and specialists at the pub and equip ships in the ship yard etc.

Tips for beginners[edit]

  • Forget weapon and fencing skill right now. Work on nav only.
  • Look for good min speed/speed bonus mates and a high visibility lookout. These will help you gain nav faster (lookout helps discover more % of the world, which gives the best nav bonus)
    • Max stats: min speed 4.8, speed bonus 1.8, visibility both sides 990
  • Use the maps to help you discover new cities. These also give a bonus.
  • Do deliver letter/package/person missions and try to finish faster then the alloted time, this also gives a nav bonus. The faster you are, the higher the bonus.
  • Sailing the biggest ships your nav skill will allow gives the best nav gains.
  • Sail black to get the bonus for discovering the world. The bonus increases for every percent by 500 points. The most known percentage somebody got is 69% but 68% is common maximum.