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Money is very important or else you can't pay for your specialists, build upgraded ships and buy ammo etc.

When you start[edit]

Wop Making Money.jpg

It can be a bit hard to make money when you first start, but its possible.

  • Smuggle jobs - There are 3 kinds of smuggle jobs.
    • Letter - Gives you a fair amount of money.
    • Package - Gives you a pretty good amount of money but fills up your cargo room.
    • Passenger - Gives you the best amount of money, but you need to have passenger cabin upgrades on your ships to take them.
  • Deliver jobs - There 4 kinds of deliver jobs, they pay less than the smuggle, but you get nav bonuses when you do them fast. These jobs are best for skilling and not for money making.
  • Scuttle enemy - This kind of jobs is hard when you start, so you should not take this type of job until you have better ships with upgraded cannons.
  • Capture enemy - This kind of job you need a good condition before you take, as they are all pirates and need to be fenced. You can see the ship class the job is and if you have enough condition to beat that ship class you can do them.
  • Escort fleet - Here you need to escort a NPC to another town, as you escort it pirates will try attack you and your NPC. Doesn't pay much compared to the time it takes.

When you get bigger[edit]

As you get bigger and start to use ships with upgrades, money making gets a lot easier.

  • Scuttle enemy - The easiest way to make money, use at least a cannon upgraded Barque or a bigger ship, War Galleon would be best. The more damage you can make per shot the faster you can sink the jobs and collect the gold.
  • Smuggle Person - Make a Barque fleet with passenger cabins and fill them up. You don't need to sail long distances to make gold, also a lot of small trips can quickly get you a lot of gold.
  • Selling Ghostships - If you have a high trade level selling ships can give you a good amount of gold, also you can combine it with capture jobs if you got nav free to also pick up the ship and sail it to town to sell.