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Wind direction is noted by additional arrows.

It is important to remember that ship class 1-3 will reach max speed with sails sloped 45º to the wind, while ship class 4 and above will reach max speed with full wind directly from behind. When sailing into the wind you should go half sails. First sail with the wind to gain momentum, then change course into the wind while at the same time lowering to half sails.

The distance and the needed time can be recorded with an easy guideline. Important about it is: Per 100 nautical miles at 10 knots you need about 10 minutes (real time).

The one who sails faster reaches his goal faster, logically. But how can you sail faster?

Some factors which influence speed:

  • Consistent Fleet - Speed bonus for consistent fleets depending on ship type. The bonus ranges from 0.1kn (Sloop) to 1kn (War Galleon)
  • Maximum speed of the fleet - the fleet’s slowest ship gives the maximum speed of the whole fleet + mate’s speed bonus
  • Wind force and wind direction - the stronger the wind, the faster you can sail
  • Water level - Wind direction doesn't affect speed in shallow water. With favorable wind you can reach a faster top speed in deep water
  • Ship condition - the better the condition, the faster you can sail

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