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'The following ship types are available in "World of Pirates", altogether there are 9 ship classes. They all have different navigation requirements, sail characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.'


  • The Transit is useful for moving from one shipyard to another. The transit is essentially a raft that moves, taking a transit involves putting all of your goods, ammo, men back into port and harboring of all ships. Though it is not required it is suggested to have all your specialists loyal as you will lose them if they are not when embarking on transit. Other uses for the transit include escape from a port after a raft(players may sink your transit though it is unfair to person on transit), use to do letter jobs AFK.

Transits are available in harbor you can choose free or charter to any port in world of pirates. Choice includes ship class. (except free)


  • The Sloop is the fastest ship in the game. Great for nav at the beginning. It doesn't hold much crew, cargo or cannons. Speed is its only strength.

Build Calculation: 1 wop Day = 120 Mins

Full Up Sloop = 6 Wop Hours Time: 6 x 5mins = 30 Mins Real Time Build

Wop s01.jpg Wop ships 1.jpg


  • The Pinnace is an upgrade in crew, cargo and cannons from the Sloop. Probably not enough to outweigh the loss in speed. Sail the Sloop until you have enough nav for a Barque

Wop s02.jpg Wop ships 2.jpg


  • The Barque is very fast and maneuverable; it can hold more cannons/crew. Nice ship if you want to be able to get away from enemies.

Wop s03.jpg Wop ships 3.jpg


  • The Fluyt holds a ton of ammo. The cannons, crew and cargo are good as well. Makes a good PVP ship because it can hold a lot of wood/cloth and its maneuverability

Wop s04.jpg Wop ships 4.jpg


  • The Merchant is slow and weak but has a lot of cargo space. Great for trading or maybe holding some wood/cloth

Wop s05.jpg Wop ships 5.jpg


  • The Frigate has nice speed and firepower (1 cannon per upgrade). Great PVP ship. Drawbacks are low crew and cargo

Wop s06.jpg Wop ships 6.jpg

Fast Galleon[edit]

  • The Fast Galleon is also good for PVP. Very good firepower fully upgraded (2 cannons per upgrade). A bit slower than the Frigate, except in a headwind. Turns a little slower as well

Wop s07.jpg Wop ships 7.jpg

Spanish Galleon[edit]

  • The Spanish Galleon is the Merchants big brother. Big, slow target with a lot of cargo room. Don't get caught out at sea in these

Wop s08.jpg Wop ships 8.jpg

War Galleon[edit]

  • The War Galleon is the most powerful ship in the game. With fullup cannons nothing else comes close. It can carry a lot of crew, cargo and ammo. Its drawbacks are that its slow, not very maneuverable and expensive to replace

Wop s09.jpg Wop ships 9.jpg

Ship Class Nav/Costs Upgrades Cannons Crew Cargo Speed min. Dockyard size
Sloop 1/3 2 2/4 8/10 10/12 13.1/13.2 tiny
Pinnace 8/8 6 4/7 25/31 20/29 11.3/11.6 very small
Barque 16/11 12 6/15 40/58 34/43 12.1/12.4 small
Fluyt 24/16 12 10/19 60/87 100/118 11.1/11.5 below average
Merchant 35/19 14 16/27 100/133 168/201 10.4/11.2 average
Frigate 55/22 16 26/39 110/175 40/70 11.2/11.6 above average
Fast Galleon 65/24 18 20/50 140/200 86/116 10.7/11.5 big
Spanish Galleon 80/27 20 26/43 210/278 242/327 10.0/10.4 very big
War Galleon 100/30 26 34/80 280/352 110/156 9.1/9.9 huge