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Wop Skilling.jpg

Here are some tips to help you raise the 4 skills in the game:


  • Sail a lot. Always keep your speed up.
  • Take out the black! Bonus for each percent of the world discovered is huge
  • Deliver letter/package/person missions give nav bonus (Delivering letters across the map (Corpus Christi to Port of Spain for example) can get you up to 800 bonus nav points PER letter)
  • Sailing a higher ship class gives more nav gain

Weapon Skill[edit]

  • You want to do as much damage as possible to the highest ship class you can attack. (shoot WG with cannon fullups)
  • Always try to hit with a full broadside (your shots hitting perpendicular to the enemy ship)
  • The calculation of damage includes 3 parts:
  1. Firepower of flagship
  2. Firepower of the fleet
  3. Firepower of the cannoneer

Base firepower is defined by the flagship. Its power goes fully into the calculation. Parts 2 and 3 together may double the firepower of the flagship at maximum.

  • Part 2 is calculated by the relation of the both fleets. Its value will be 80% of part 1 at maximum.
    • Whether you get the full 80% bonus or lower depends on the relation between your fleet and enemy's fleet.
    • You have 1 WG as flagship and another 4 WGs in fleet. Your enemy has 1 WG as flagship and no more ships in fleet. You will get the full 80% bonus, because your fleet contains all remaining involved ships (except both flagships) of the battle.
    • But if your enemy has another 2 WGs in fleet, the relation changes: 4 WG / (4WG + 2WG) = ~66%. Your fleet contains 66% of firepower of all involved ships (except the both flagships). So you get only 66% of the max. 80% bonus. Converting it to the firepower of your flagship: 0.66 * 0.8 = ~ 53% firepower of flagship.
    • So your Fleet bonus is about +53% of the firepower of your flagship.
  • Part 3 is calculated by the relation of the cannoneers of both fleets. Its value will be 20% of part 1 at maximum.
    • It is again a question of the relation between you cannoneers and the enemy's cannoneers:
    • If your enemy has no cannoneers and you have any kind of a cannoneer (even if it is a really poor one), you will get the full 20% bonus, because your fleet contains 100% of all involved cannoneers of the battle.
    • If your enemy's cannoneer equals yours, you will get only half (10%) of the max 20% bonus, because your fleet contains 50% of all cannoneers strength in the battles involved cannoneers. Converting it to the firepower of your flagship: 0.10 * 0.20 = ~ 2% Firepower of flagship.
    • So your Cannoneer bonus is only about +2% of the firepower of your flagship.

Further on:

  • If you hit a lower ship class (than yours), you'll do less damage. If the enemy's flagship class is equal to yours or better, you will do the best damage.

Fencing Skill[edit]

  • Go to a town that spawns WG capture jobs. Get yourself in about 13 or so sloops, so you have about 100 vets. Then take 21 capture jobs in your sloops (make sure they are the sloop jobs, you'll have to go out and back in to get all 21) You will be able to fight sloops that have ~300 cond and less than 80 vets.
  • Capture an enemy ship with a lot of crew, leave all the crew on the ship and continue to fence it
  • Fence at a port where ships spawn that have a condition which you can beat without shooting them down


  • Trade between two very close towns. Whatever you can sell in one town, immediately buy back and sell to the original town. Repeat this until you can no longer make a 1 gold profit. This gets expensive but trading goes up fast.
  • Trade with all nations. You receive:
    • 1 trade point per 20 goods with all nations.