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Wop statusbar.jpg

The status bar provides you with a fast overview about the condition of your fleet:

  • Condition (Head symbol) - Shows your own condition. The condition can go down during a sword fight but will regenerate over time. If you hover over this symbol a pop-up with detailed numbers will be displayed.
  • Nation Flag (Flag symbol) - The flag shows your own nation. If you hover over the icon it shows your war status. Flashes green when gaining reputation, flashes red when losing reputation.
  • Skills ("S" symbol) - This symbol will light up if you gain new skill points. If you hover over this symbol a detailed list of your skills will be shown.
  • Team level ("T" symbol) - This symbol will light up if you are in a team and if the team gains a new team level. If you hover over the symbol the team level will be shown.
  • Action mode (Barrel symbol) - The action mode will determine what should happen if you meet other players.
    • In ignore mode ("Red cross" symbol) will not cause any actions, this mode is useful to ignore stupid merchants.
    • In trade mode ("Barrel" symbol) you can dock at cities or trade with other players and NPCs.
    • In cannon mode ("Cannon" symbol) you can shoot at other ships and even cities. This will cause heavy damage on the target.
    • In board mode ("Crossed swords" symbol) you can board other ships or plunder cities.

A small yellow sign over the mode symbol will tell you that you are in safe mode which means that you cannot attack ships or cities of your own nation. Select this mode again to turn into the unsecured mode.

  • Cannon status - Left beside the action mode you see two red cannons. These cannons will show the loading status of the cannons on the left side and on the right side of the ship. If they are red they are not loaded. To load the cannons change into "cannon" mode. If you have enough ammunition of the selected type the cannons will be loaded. To the right shows how many cannons you have and how many cannons your fleet can carry.
  • Ammunition ("Cannonballs" symbol) - The three cannonballs beside the number of cannons display which type of ammunition you choose. There are 3 different types: standard ammunition; shatter ammunition which will cause more damage to the crew and explosive ammunition which will cause more damage to the ship. To the right of the ammunition symbol you can see how much ammunition you have of the selected type and how much ammunition your fleet can hold.
  • Knots - The display of knots is your fleet speed in knots. You can use this display to find out the optimal sailing direction for the current wind direction and wind speed.
  • Wind Icon - This turns brighter green as you use the wind more effectively.
  • Cargo hold - Beside the cargo symbol you see how much cargo you have in the cargo hold and the size of the cargo hold. If you hover over the cargo symbol more detailed information will be shown like the remaining time for your food stock or if you have special cargo loaded like packages from jobs.
  • Crew - Beside the crew symbol you see how many seamen you have and how many seamen you can have at maximum. The color of the crew symbol displays the morale of the crew. Green means your crew is satisfied, red means your crew may mutiny soon. This will occur in the case you ran out of food or have not enough cooks for your crew.
  • Gold - Beside the gold coin the amount of gold is displayed which you actually carry on your fleet. If you hover over the coin you can also see your account at the bank.