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Gathering information[edit]

As usual, an Ultima game includes all the necessary information. All you need is to talk to everybody and remember or note down the information.

Ask around about the Urali. Nobody knows exactly where they live. Anyway, Apaton of the Yolaru, Aloron and his Kurak tribesmen know that an exiled Urali shaman lives in the north.

SavageEmpire portrait v02 Apaton.png
Urali? "Raiders. Come from southeast. Apaton does not know where." "Topuru would know where Urali live."
Topuru? "Mad Urali. No friend of Urali tribe, or any other. Lives in far north somewhere, on island."
SavageEmpire portrait v01 Aloron.png
Urali? The Urali often raid Kurak territory. They come from the southeast somewhere, but we can not find their village. Aloron has heard of one who might know. A mad warrior named Topuru.
Topuru? "Topuru was the shaman of the Urali long ago. Topuru went mad; Aloron does not know why. Somewhere in the far, far north, Topuru lives on a little island."
SavageEmpire portrait v01 man.pngSavageEmpire portrait v01 woman.png Urali? "No one knows where they live. Except for the mad one, Topuru." "But they have our princess, Aiela. They will return her, and they will pay."
Topuru? "This one has heard the story of one called Topuru. Topuru is supposed to be one of the Urali, but a madman. Topuru lives near the Barako, across the deep river canyon to the north, on a little island, all alone."
SavageEmpire portrait v01 Triolo.png
Barako? "Barako village is close to the Kurak, but across the deep canyon of waters."

The Barako village[edit]

In-game map of the village.

There is a fork northwards along the road between the Kurak and Yolaru villages. Cross the bridges over the canyon, then turn west. Remember what Triolo said: thus, ignore all the forks north and continue west until you reach the Barako village.

Halawa, the chieftain, usually stays on the west outskirts of the village. There is no shaman: he left long ago.

In the Barako village you can recruit Shamuru, alter-ego of Shamino and Lord British (from the main Ultima series), and of Richard Garriott (author of the Ultima series). He's a balanced fighter, with no special skills.

Item list[edit]

  • Equipment: there's a total of 241 arrows in the village, plus several bows.
  • Useful items: magic reagents (pinde, yopo, chocolatl) can be found in two different huts; there is also one emerald in Halawa's hut.
  • Food: as abundant as useless; you can use a knife on the dead bear in a hut and get some meat.
Hut Equipment Food Useful items Other
NE Tooth necklace - - Blanket, pot, small pot
N Bow, 20 arrows, jade necklace, tooth necklace - Folded skin, 1 cloth, 1 emerald Blanket, pot, 1 gold nugget, 1 ruby, 3 diamonds
Center fire - 5 meat, turnips bunch, banana bunch, 1 corn Bamboo pole, 9 yopo, 12 pinde, 10 chocolatl Vine, 2 drums & small bones
W Bow, 24 arrows, obsidian knife 3 corns, corn meal, 2 berries, beans, banana bunch Grinding stone Blanket, pot
SW Bow, 30 arrows, 2 spears, club, throwing axe, obsidian knife, rock hammer - - 2 blankets, 8 diamonds
S Obsidian knife, rock hammer, throwing axe 3 meat Folded skin Blanket
Far S Bow, 18 arrows, spear, obsidian knife, rock hammer Turnips bunch - Blanket, 6 diamonds
SE - Bean, corn, turnips bunch, banana bunch - 2 blankets, pot
Eastern huts
NW - 2 fish, meat Fishing pole Blanket
N 2 bows, 60 arrows - - 2 blankets, pot
NE Bow, 24 arrows, obsidian knife Banana bunch 19 chocolatl, 17 pinde, 22 yopo, fired clay pot, digging stick Blanket, rattle, pot, small pot, orchid
S Bow, 30 arrows 1 meat - 2 blankets, pot
SW Bow, 35 arrows, bark shield, rock hammer, axe, throwing axe, obsidian knife - Torch, folded skin Vine

Character dialogue trees[edit]

Role Character Dialogue trees
SavageEmpire portrait v05 Shamuru.png
  • Name? → Gave?
  • Tribe? → Adopted?
  • Job?Join?
  • Leave? Wait?
  • Britannia? Lord British?
  • Ankylosaur?
SavageEmpire portrait v05 Halawa.png
  • Name? → Halisa?
  • Tribe?
  • Job? → Halisa?
  • Unite? → Pindiro?
  • Topuru?
  • Myrmidex?
Tribesmen SavageEmpire portrait v05 man.pngSavageEmpire portrait v05 woman.png
  • Name? (Begam, Feknar, Makagan, Kayram, Dakala, Jaka, Shafen, Tilrina)
  • Tribe? → Pindiro? Strangers? Halawa? Sham? → Old? Young? Halisa? Shaman? Shamuru?
  • Job?
  • (No other dialogue option)

Halawa's trial[edit]

The territory of the Gigantic Ape

Halawa will agree to unite the Barako with the other tribes only if you can save her daughter Halisa from the "gigantic ape-thing". This creature lives on a ledge north of the village, near the river.

Throw a bomb beyond the boulder (where the crosshair is) to push the boulder sideways.

Leave the village and go north. Instead of crossing the ford, follow the river to the north-west. Soon you will see the ledge, and maybe the gigantic ape, too. Keep following the river until you get to the waterfall. Use one of Rafkin's bombs to push a boulder and gain access to the cave (see figure).

Inside the cave there is a crystal garden, where Rafkin can get more potassium nitrate to make gunpowder and bombs.

The exit of the cave is atop the ledge. Fight and defeat the Gigantic Ape (it's a normal gorilla), then find and talk to Halisa. The trial is now complete: go back to the village and ask Halawa to unite her tribe with the others.

Role Character Dialogue trees
SavageEmpire portrait v05 Halisa.png
  • Name? → Halisa?
  • Tribe? → Barako? Pindiro? Topuru?
  • Job? → Mother?
  • Candy?

Topuru's islet[edit]

Follow the path west from the Barako village, and you will reach the lakeside.

If you try and use the raft, the game explains that you need four characters with paddles. If you followed this walkthrough and recruited Shamuru, you have exactly what you need. Four paddles are lying near the raft.

Cross the lake: Topuru's islet is just north of the huge apatosaurus. Topuru will tell you where the Urali village is only if you bring back his mind. The shaman who magically stole it lives in the far south-west Barrab tribe, near the Disquiqui tribe where Jimmy is now.

Role Character Dialogue trees
SavageEmpire portrait v08 Topuru.png
  • Name?
  • Tribe? Job? → Urali? Hidden? Exile? → Wamap? Mind? → Rock?
  • Aiela? → Darden?

The only useful items on the islet are the magic reagents for Triolo's spells. Keep the paddles: they will be necessary to use any other raft in Eodon valley.

Hut Equipment Food Useful items Other
Mainland shore - - 4 paddles, (raft) -
Topuru's islet Blowgun, obsidian knife Fish, meat, turnips bunch, 2 banana bunches, pepper Fishing pole, digging stick, 18 chocolatl, 23 pinde, 16 yopo Blanket, rattle

Next destination[edit]

You have now two reasons to go south: (1) find Jimmy in the Disquiqui village; (2) find Topuru's mind in the Barrab village.

Anyway, the Barako people told you about another stranger living in the northlands. Since you're in the north already, let's visit the other northern tribe before going south.